Ways to Teach Greater Than and Less Than

Ok, you’ve made it over the hump of teaching basic place value, so now it’s time to build onto that skill. Number comparison (greater than and less than) is a skill that usually comes soon after teaching basic place value. And whether you were one of the teachers that loved teaching place value or one of the teachers that didn’t, we can all usually agree that comparing numbers and ordering

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Activities for Teaching Place Value in First Grade

There are two types of teachers in this world – Teachers that love to teach place value and teachers that don’t.  Ok, there’s definitely more than two types of teachers, but you get what I mean. Show of hands of those who love teaching place value in first grade? Show of hands that don’t? See what I mean? Definitely a house divided. One of the most vital foundational skills to

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How to Teach Counting to 120 in First Grade

Some of the very first math skills children learn revolve around counting.  Counting to 120 is something that sounds so easy, but in reality, is so much more than just saying numbers in sequential order and calling it a day. Gone are the days when we stood up in front of the class counting each number one by one. Well, I shouldn’t say the days are gone. The days are

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Tips for Teaching How to Read and Write Numbers to 100

Read and write numbers to 100 is a skill that sounds so simple but can actually be a touch challenging for students. Such a sneaky, sneaky standard. Students are expected to read numbers in standard form, word form, and expanded form while writing numbers in standard and expanded form up to 100. What’s the tricky part you ask? *insert drum roll…..* Reading numbers in word form at this age level

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How to Teach Characters in Literature Effectively

Teaching about Characters in Literature I LOVE teaching about characters in literature. There are so many excellent mentor texts that help students learn about character traits and character change. Teaching about characters is also a great opportunity to incorporate diverse characters and character education. Here are some tips and strategies for how to teach characters in literature skills effectively. My Favorite Characters in Literature Mentor Texts Here are my favorite

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Teacher writing details on a main idea poster that has a main idea puzzle displayed

Teaching Ideas for Topic, Main Idea, and Details

Teaching Topic, Main Idea, and Details Main idea skills are crucial for strong reading comprehension. Many students struggle with these skills, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are some of the most effective strategies that I used to help my students understand these important skills. Follow along to learn how to make teaching topic, main idea, and details less of a struggle. Scope of Main Idea Skills

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