How to Use Printable Escape Rooms

Image of printable escape rooms showing example reading passages for elementary school

During remote learning, many teachers used the digital format of my escape rooms to supplement learning and skill-focused review. But with schools being fully reopened, some teachers wonder whether the printable format of these resources can work in a more traditional classroom setting. The good news is that my Escape Rooms are dynamic and engaging whether you use the digital or printable version. I designed my Escape Rooms to be low prep and easy to use, no matter what version you use! While the digital versions have their own benefits, the printable versions offer more opportunities for collaboration and teamwork. If you’re not sure how to use printable escape rooms or want to make sure you’re getting the best out of them, then this post is for you!

Here is how to use printable escape rooms in your classroom:


  • 1 copy of “printable version”
  • Copies of recording brochure, printable decoder, sticker sheets, and completion certificate for each group.
  • 4 prong folders
  • Sheet protectors
  • Tablet or device to scan QR codes (optional)
Image of resources included in my printable escape rooms


  1. Print all pages in the “printable” version. You only need ONE copy of everything, except the recording brochure, printable decoder, sticker sheets (if you choose to use them), and completion certificate. – For these pages you can make one copy per team.
  2. I recommend laminating or using page protectors for all reusable sheets. This makes them more durable to use over and over.
  3. Separate the four challenges into four folders. I like to use prong folders to keep the pages in order.
  4. Put each folder at a different location in your classroom.


Image showing how to use printable escape rooms for elementary school students
  1. Split your class into four groups. If you need more than four groups, you will need an extra copy of each challenge. I recommend having four groups (one copy) or eight groups (two copies).
  2. Present the introduction video to the entire class.
  3. Give each group a copy of the recording brochure, printable decoder, and sticker sheets for each group.
  4. Assign each group a challenge to begin with. After completion, rotate students to another challenge until all four challenges are complete.
  5. Students should not move on to the next challenge until their decoder checks out. This is self-checking as the answer to the question should make sense.
  6. After students complete all four challenges, they should watch the final video and receive their completion certificate.

If you still have questions or need more help, I created this video about how to use printable escape rooms.

I hope this helps you and your students use printable escape rooms to review key skills in a fun and engaging way! If you’re looking for amazing escape rooms that are effective in both digital and printable formats, then check out my Escape Room resources here!

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