How to Have a Gingerbread Day

The holiday season is here! Both you and your students are really looking forward to the holiday break. Why not make the most of the time before the break by doing meaningful, educational activities filled with fun? Having a “Gingerbread Day” is a great way to build excitement while incorporating cross-curricular activities. Here are some activities you can do with your elementary students that cover various subjects while also being standards-based, rigorous, meaningful, and fun!

What is a Gingerbread Day?

A Gingerbread Day is simply a day where you complete a set of activities that all have a gingerbread theme. You can put the day on the calendar or announce it beforehand in order to build excitement, or you can surprise your students on the day you want to do it. You can take a few hours in the morning or afternoon, or you can do it throughout the day. The magic of it is that it’s really up to you!

Activities for a Perfect Gingerbread Day

Escape the Gingerbread House

This Escape the Gingerbread House Reading Comprehension Escape Room & Webscape™ is a truly immersive experience. Students read passages and answer skill-based questions as they help Hansel & Gretel escape from the witch, who’s more than happy to have them for dinner! In this escape room, students are asked to complete four unique challenges. Each challenge requires students to read passages then answer multiple-choice questions. Students add their answers and complete each challenge to successfully escape from the witch and collect the gingerbread parts to build a gingerbread house.

This activity can be done as a collaborative printable experience. Have students work in partners or groups to solve challenges so they can escape the witch. Or, students can try out the new immersive Digital Webscape. The engaging videos that tell the story are bound to keep their interest and excitement! But don’t worry- this is not “fluff.” All passages are leveled to be rigorous for the intended grade. Questions are standards-based, and students have to think critically to solve each challenge (no guessing allowed!).

It’s available for 1st Grade, 2nd & 3rd Grade and 4th & 5th Grade.

Gingerbread House Escape Room Activity for Elementary School Gingerbread Day

Flip That Gingerbread House

You notice an ad in the newspaper. A crumbling gingerbread house in your neighborhood is for sale! You have always dreamed of buying a fixer-upper to renovate and sell…, so maybe this is your chance! You will have to flip this house from start to finish. Are you up for the challenge? In this Flip That Gingerbread House PBL activity, students will use math, reading, and writing skills to flip their house.

It is available for 2nd & 3rd Grade and 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade.

Flip That Gingerbread House Covers for Gingerbread Day

Build a REAL Gingerbread House

But not just any gingerbread house! Give your students mathematical criteria to follow. How many square feet must the house cover? What should the perimeter be? Should the roof have a particular pattern or symmetry? The mathematical options for this activity are endless, so it’s really versitle and fun!

Gingerbread House with Cookies, Candy, and Icing

Conduct an Experiment

Use gingerbread cookies or graham crackers. Have students predict, then test, which of the following substances – oil, vinegar, or water – dissolve the gingerbread man quickest!

Hansel & Gretel Map Activity

Create a map to help Hansel and Gretel escape from the witch. I created this Save Hansel and Gretel Freebie with directions, grid, mapping coordinates, and an answer key. Students create their maps and then write directions for Hansel and Gretel to escape the witch’s candy house.

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