Five Ideas for Read Across America Week

Read Across America Week is coming up! Beginning in 2019, the NEA decided to end its licensing agreement with Seuss Enterprises and focus on diversity. Read Across America Week is a wonderful time to run with this theme and introduce your learners to a wide range of diverse authors and books. I love Read Across America Week because it presents the opportunity to incorporate a ton of cross-curricular activities that cultivate a love of reading. Here are five ideas for Read Across America Week to use in your classroom.

1. Read Across America Suggested Book List

This may be extremely obvious, but reading books from the Read Across America suggested book list is the easiest way to explore diverse books with your class. I created a calendar freebie resource with various activities and books for each day of the week. Feel free to mix and match the activities to fit your plans. To access the calendar, simply enter your information below and I will email it to you.

2. Drop Everything & Read

It may sound simple, but one of my favorite Read Across America activities is D.E.A.R., or Drop Everything And Read. Allow students to bring in a favorite stuffed animal or blanket. At a random time each day, tell students to drop what they are doing and curl up with a book! This will surely add some excitement to your day and encourage students to become enthusiastic about reading!

3. Virtual Field Trips

Take a Virtual Field Trip to explore authors and stories around the world. In this digital resource, students will read, use media, write, and complete other interactive activities as they explore global authors and stories.

4. Learn What a Career as an Author Looks Like

What is an author’s role? How do they come up with ideas for a story? What does the process of writing a book look like? This Virtual Career Day may just inspire your students to write more.

5. Author Study

Begin an author study on a favorite children’s author. Students can research, read, and learn about the life and inspiration behind their favorite author. Check out these two virtual author studies:

Roald Dahl: Learn how a candy-store prank turned into a tale in one of his famous books.

Dav Pilkey: How did Dav’s childhood struggles help him become one of the silliest children’s authors?

These five activities are sure to promote a love of all things reading during Read Across America Week. Be sure to let me know how it goes!

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