Five Great 100th Day of School Activities

There are so many days that I love during the school year. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but hanging out in the top five is definitely the 100th day of school. You know what I love about it? It’s a “fun” day where I can teach academics without the kids going completely crazy. I mean, let’s reflect for a moment and think about holidays. Do you get any academic content in on holiday celebration days? And if so, is it completely chaotic because the kids are so hyped up? I thought so. The 100th day of school is special because kids are excited about all of the academic activities tied to the number 100, so it’s automatic engagement. The kids can be hyped up but also willing to learn and focus. Every teacher’s dream! The 100th day may seem like it’s so far away, but it’s already quickly approaching. Here are some of my favorite activities for the 100th day of school:

1. The Traditional Dress Up

Ok, this one is so cliché, and depending on the grade level you teach, you may or may not want to partake in the dress-up festivities. I love this one for the primary grades because the tiny kids are so stinking cute dressed up as little old people. Of course, as the teacher, you can join in on the fun, too!

A great way to celebrate the 100th day of school is the traditional dress up day, but if it isn't your cup of tea, here are more fun activity ideas.

2. 100th Day Snack

Ask parents to send in bags/boxes of snacks (you need 10 different kinds). Things like marshmallows, pretzels, goldfish, cheese-its, you get the idea. Have a station set up where students count out 10 of each snack and put it in their baggie. Once they’ve counted out 10 snacks at each of the 10 snack stations, they’ll have 100 items in their snack bag. What kid doesn’t love snacks? Tip: keep sanitation in mind. Make sure students wash hands before and use sanitizer at each station.

3. 100th Day of School Necklaces

This one can go hand in hand with the 100th day snack or can be completely separate. If you would like it to be a part of all the eating fun, then you can use Froot :oops or any colorful, circular cereal. Students count out ten of each color and string them onto yarn or a string of your choice to create a necklace. If you are over all of the eating fun or need a different station, do this with pony beads instead. Either way, kids love having a necklace that they’ve created themselves. 😊

To celebrate the 100th day of school, students can make necklaces by counting out ten of each color bead (of your choice) and string them together.

4. Towers of 100

This is a student favorite and one of the easiest on the teacher’s pocket. Students can use a plethora of materials of 100 things to build a tower. What I’ve found is that students go bananas over basic solo cups. I buy various sizes/colors and set up a couple of different stations for this one. Students can see who built the tallest tower. They love these so much that after the 100th day of school, I put them with my indoor recess toys!

5. Read 100th Day of School Books

As teachers, we all love books. Whether it’s the content inside, the moral, the colorful illustrations, or sometimes even just the smell. Here are some great books to read on the 100th day of school:

Ok, time to go buy, collect, and gather hundreds of things! Literally. 😅

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