How to Teach Characters in Literature Effectively

Teaching about Characters in Literature I LOVE teaching about characters in literature. There are so many excellent mentor texts that help students learn about character traits and character change. Teaching about characters is also a great opportunity to incorporate diverse characters and character education. Here are some tips and strategies for how to teach characters in literature skills effectively. My Favorite Characters in Literature Mentor Texts Here are my favorite

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Teaching Context Clues Pin showing Context Clues Anchor Chart and Julie Bochese standing next to it.

How to Teach Context Clues Effectively

Teaching Context Clues Context clues is one of those skills that it seems like students can never get enough practice with. The skill is vital to overall reading comprehension, so it makes sense to revisit it multiple times. I taught and retaught context clues over-and-over throughout the year. Here are some strategies that can help your students succeed with this important skill and help boost their overall reading comprehension. Introducing

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Teacher writing details on a main idea poster that has a main idea puzzle displayed

Teaching Ideas for Topic, Main Idea, and Details

Teaching Topic, Main Idea, and Details Main idea skills are crucial for strong reading comprehension. Many students struggle with these skills, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are some of the most effective strategies that I used to help my students understand these important skills. Follow along to learn how to make teaching topic, main idea, and details less of a struggle. Scope of Main Idea Skills

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Strategies and Resources for Teaching How to Make Predictions

Teaching Making Predictions Predicting is an important skill that is necessary for readers to fully comprehend and analyze text. Good readers are able to predict based on their own knowledge and information provided in the text. These skills are not always inherent, so it is important for students to build the necessary foundational skills to be able to predict successfully. Here are some strategies and resources for teaching making predictions.

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Winning Writing Cover

How to Win Writing with Interactive Notebooks

Why You Should Consider Using Interactive Writing Notebooks Writing components now make up a large portion of the English and Language Arts section of many standardized tests. This is true even in the primary grades. Learning writing skills can be challenging and it is so important for students to remain engaged – but it can be difficult to find resources that focus on writing standards and keep students engaged at

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Various pieces of paper on a wood floor listing steps for retelling and recounting with text on bottom saying Scaffolding to Summarizing

How to Teach Summarizing through Recounting and Retelling

The Journey to Teaching Summarizing When I first started teaching, my 5th grade students REALLY struggled with summarizing. It was a skill I expected them to already know, and I couldn’t figure out how to teach summarizing so my students could master this important skill. It seemed so simple to me yet it was so difficult for them. I discovered that summarizing requires the ability to recount and retell, and

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