How teachers can reduce the risk of COVID-19 in the classroom

How to Reduce COVID-19 Risk in the Classroom

As federal, state, and local governments around the country grapple with balancing the risks associated with COVID-19 and the start of the 2020-2021 school year, one thing remains clear. Classroom learning, no matter how it is implemented, will pose an increased infection risk to teachers, students, and their immediate families. In this post, I’m sharing a few ideas and resources that teachers can use to help alleviate the risks.

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Girl reading a book with a white cover during summer time in order to prevent the summer slide

How to Prevent the Summer Slide

How Teachers & Parents Can Help Students Avoid the Summer Slide Every teacher knows about the dreaded summer slide. Your students worked hard and made gains all year, but when they return to school in the Fall, it seems as though they have forgotten everything they learned. The fact of the matter is, according to NWEA’s research, students in third through eighth-grade loose between twenty to fifty percent of math

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Two students wearing cooking hats and aprons are breaking eggs and mixing a batter with text that says learning through cooking real life distance learning

How to Teach Children through Cooking

How Cooking Can Help Children Learn As teachers, students, parents, and administrators across the globe adjust to distance learning, little tweaks and moderations are being made with hopes of making this time easier for everyone. One thing that seems more common as we continue on our distancing journey is something along the lines of “Wellness Wednesday” or CHILL Day (Catch up, Help around the house, Inhale and exhale, Learn something

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Strategies and Resources for Teaching How to Make Predictions

Teaching Making Predictions Predicting is an important skill that is necessary for readers to fully comprehend and analyze text. Good readers are able to predict based on their own knowledge and information provided in the text. These skills are not always inherent, so it is important for students to build the necessary foundational skills to be able to predict successfully. Here are some strategies and resources for teaching making predictions.

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Winning Writing Cover

How to Win Writing with Interactive Notebooks

Why You Should Consider Using Interactive Writing Notebooks Writing components now make up a large portion of the English and Language Arts section of many standardized tests. This is true even in the primary grades. Learning writing skills can be challenging and it is so important for students to remain engaged – but it can be difficult to find resources that focus on writing standards and keep students engaged at

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Various pieces of paper on a wood floor listing steps for retelling and recounting with text on bottom saying Scaffolding to Summarizing

How to Teach Summarizing through Recounting and Retelling

The Journey to Teaching Summarizing When I first started teaching, my 5th grade students REALLY struggled with summarizing. It was a skill I expected them to already know, and I couldn’t figure out how to teach summarizing so my students could master this important skill. It seemed so simple to me yet it was so difficult for them. I discovered that summarizing requires the ability to recount and retell, and

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Teaching The True History about the Wampanoag and Thanksgiving

Teaching the Truth about Thanksgiving From the food served to the people who celebrated, there are so many misconceptions about Thanksgiving. Many generally held misconceptions can seem fairly harmless. Unfortunately, misconceptions can perpetuate a cycle of oppression against certain people and cultures. Our understanding of history shapes our perceptions about the world we live in and the people we share it with, so it is important we push past generally

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Teaching Culture Hanukkah Pin

Teaching Culture: Hanukkah

Teaching about Hanukkah Did you know that over 39% of the Jewish world population lives in the United States? Even though 5,700,000 Jewish people live in America, many people don’t know basic facts about Hanukkah. With the holiday starting Sunday, December 22nd this year, I figured now is the perfect time to break down some of the basics of this Jewish holiday and share some helpful resources for teaching about

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Image of solder in fatigues holding a young boy that we can assume is his child, who is holding an american flag.

Easy Tips for Teaching About Veterans Day

Veterans Day in the Classroom While I hate to admit this, I never paid much attention to the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day until I became a teacher. Veterans Day, which is November 11 every year, is a national holiday reserved to celebrate all U.S. Military Veterans. (Memorial Day, on the other hand, is to honor those who passed away serving in an American war.) Teaching about Veterans

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