How to Teach Multiplication Fact Strategies

How to Teach Multiplication Fact Strategies

Ok, I need to be totally transparent with you all. Are you ready? *Takes deep breath* There was once a time that I did not know how to teach multiplication. I know, I know. It’s really hard to admit that, as a teacher, I had no idea how to teach something. After all, that is my job, right? I’ve previously blogged about my love for teaching multiplication (intro the multiplication

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Four Read-Aloud Picture Books for Teaching Math

As teachers, we are constantly searching for ways to teach new skills or concepts. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that there’s nothing that a good, quality book can’t do. Need a lesson on sharing? Find a good book. Need to teach character, setting, and theme?  Find a good book. What about social studies concepts? Oh yeah, there are books for that, too! Read-alouds are so impactful. If

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Ways to Boost Confidence in Math

Ahhh, math. I love to teach math. The strategies, the accountable talk, the real-world connections, the tools, the food. Yes… the food. We eat A LOT in math class. Tasty little treats do make the best manipulatives.  Math class is fun.  I mean, who doesn’t love to eat, right? But out of all of the food-related skills you can teach in math, the hardest skill to teach isn’t even a

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How to Help Students Build Number Sense

Have you ever been standing in a store or restaurant trying to determine the amount of money that you owe or should receive back in change? I told you I show my age a lot 😉. Whether you have or whether you haven’t, it’s potentially a direct result of your number sense ability. Yes, even as an adult, number sense continues to play a role in our lives. As students

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10 Helpful Ways To Teach Fact Fluency

I can feel it now. Sweaty palms, a racing heart, an anxious stomach. Is it the first time taking an airplane ride? Getting some life-changing news? Public speaking? No … just math class. We’ve all been there. A sheet full of math problems laid on your desk, the teacher sets a timer, and pencils aren’t allowed to touch the paper yet. The teacher says “go!” and here comes the sweaty

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Meet the Teacher – Five Ideas for Success

As the start of a new school year quickly approaches, you may feel a little unenthusiastic about giving up your slow and steady mornings, Or, maybe you’re bustling with excitement to get back into the school routine and begin all of the “new.” The start of a new school year is always my favorite. A new year, new students, new supplies, and sometimes even new co-workers. There is something about

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Building Relationships With Your Students for Back To School Pin

Five Ways to Build Relationships with your Students

Building relationships with your students is the most important thing to increase student success, happiness, and make classroom management seamless. However, building relationships with your students does not mean you should be friends with them. Children need structure and high expectations, but to succeed, they need to know you care about them and have their best interests at heart. Here are five ways to build relationships with your students. Here

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teacher holding a crumpled paper showing an icebreaker activity for students with text 7 ways to get to know your studetns

Simple & Fun Icebreaker Activities for the Classroom

The beginning of the year sets an important tone for the entire school year. Things like establishing rules and procedures, and building readers, writers, and mathematicians are vital from the start. One of the most important things to start nurturing and growing from day one is classroom community. Classroom community is the root of how well your students work together, speak to each other, and get to know one another.

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How to Find Time for Correcting Student Work

Most teachers can relate to staying at school well past contracted hours and bringing home crates full of student work to correct. I’ve been there myself. In my early years of teaching, I would spend many nights and weekends grading and correcting work during my own personal time. This isn’t best for you or your students. Therefore, it is important to have a plan for correcting student work. If you

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How to Use Think Sheets to Improve Your Classroom Management

No matter how proactive you are about your classroom management strategies, you will undoubtedly have instances where students don’t follow rules and expectations. For these situations, it is important to have a plan in place that allows for natural consequences. Often times, the only natural consequence that is necessary is time for the student to reflect on their behavior or choices and a follow up discussion with the teacher. For

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