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Amazing Set of Resources

Digital Comprehension™ Series

All the value of my Core Comprehension™ Series, integrated with Google Slides.

  • 1000+ Lexile Leveled Passages
  • Grade & Standard Specific Units
  • Skill Based Anchor Charts & Journal Pages
  • Multiple Choice & Short Answer Questions
  • Skill Based Assessment Passages & Question Sets

Reading Benchmark Assessments

Data that helps you make a difference.

  • 30 Lexile® Leveled Passages
  • Passages &  question sets broken up into three separate assessments
  • Each assessment contains 5 fiction and 5 nonfiction passages
  • Passages and question sets are aligned to applicable grade level Common Core Standards
  • Easy to use grading spreadsheet helps identify skill gaps on an individual and class-wide basis – so you can focus your time where it is most needed.

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