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Is Your Child Home for Several Weeks?

Education experts agree that continued learning at home over extended breaks is beneficial to learning, behavior, and cognitive skills. Children who engage in home learning during extended breaks are more likely to do well in school, earn college degrees, and be successful in their careers. 

Why is Home Learning Important?

Maintaining a schedule that includes focused exercises is the most important benefit of home learning. Home learning will add structure to your child’s extended break and help keep order in your household. And with children home for extended periods – we could all use a little more of that!

Without Continued Home Learning

With Continued Home Learning

Resources for Home Learning During Extended Breaks

Reading Activities & Worksheets

Homework Choice Board Free Resource

Homework Choice Boards - 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade


2nd & 3rd Grade Full 3 Week Packet

4th & 5th Grade Full 3 Week Packet

Core Reading Journey

I created Core Reading Journey™ to help parents just like you, and I’m certain you will find the lessons fun and effective. You can explore the available lessons, programs, and learn more about Core Reading Journey below. Make sure you check out my FREE LESSON to see if the program is right for you!

Why Common Core Kingdom?

Common Core Kingdom is an industry leader in teacher created education resources. For nearly a decade, we have been creating skill focused resources for teachers to use in the classroom. The resources on this page are crafted for children to be able to complete at home. All reading passages are certified by Lexile – a nationally recognized text leveling program. Exercises are skill focused and grade appropriate , so you can be certain your child is learning relevant material. Best of all, teachers and students love these resources because they are highly engaging – so you can be confident your child will be focused and engaged.

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Other Available Resources

Core Comprehension™ Reading Series

Digital Comprehension™ Reading Series