Reading Fluency

Printable & Digital Reading Fluency Resources

Track Student Success

Easily assess and track student fluency and reading level growth with these progress monitoring fluency passage units. 

Each unit includes BOTH printable PDF & digital Google Slides formats!

Certified Lexile Levels

Each resource includes 20 certified Lexileยฎ leveled articles (10 fiction & 10 nonfiction).

Passages span each grade level text complexity band.

Unlike ordinary fluency passages, these passages contain BOTH fluency data tracking AND reading comprehension questions.ย 

Comprehension questions ensure students understand the text – allowing for dynamic assessment of all skills.

What People are Saying

Michelle D.
Michelle D.Teacher
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This is a great product! I love how easy it is to use and I love the fact that the topics for fluency are interesting and any child can make connections to them, which means that their comprehension and engagement with the material increases! My students are also really enjoying these readings as well!
Tara W
Tara W
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Great tool to use for progress monitoring. Helps measure fluency while also monitor comprehension! Yay! Thank you!
Rocio A
2nd Grade Teacher
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I thoroughly enjoy the layout and suggestions for use that come with this fluency bundle. I teach 2nd grade optional. My students range from late 1st (ELLs) to early 4th so this fluency bundle really does cover all your Lexiles for that grade range. Parents really came to like them and know what to do when they receive them with their homework after a fluency read. I teach in a Title I school to mostly minority students/parents. This resource was easy for them to understand and work with their own children at home to build up their fluency. I would highly recommend the bundle if you have a range of Lexiles in your class. This year with virtual learning, I still plan to implement these fluency assessments.

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  • 1st Grade Reading Fluency Passages with Lexile Levels & Comprehension Questions
  • Reading Fluency Passages for 2nd & 3rd Grade with Lexile Levels & Comprehension
  • Reading Fluency Passages for 4th & 5th Grade with Certified Lexile Levels

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