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⭐️These printable and digital 6th grade reading comprehension units contain passages, question sets, and anchor charts aligned to nonfiction Common Core standards. GROWING bundle currently includes many of the sixth grade CCSS informational text standards. All qualifying passages contain certified Lexile® measures within the 6th Grade Common Core Text Complexity Band.

⭐️ If you do not use Common Core, this packet is still perfect for teaching nonfiction reading comprehension skills.

⭐️Each unit includes anchor charts, passages with standards-based question sets, and a corresponding standards-based assessment. Excellent tool for whole class instruction, independent work, small groups, and test prep.


✏️Lexile Levels – All qualifying passages include a certified Lexile measure to make differentiation easy. Passages vary across the 6th Common Core Text Complexity Band (the range for sixth through eighth grade is 925L to 1185L).

✏️Integrated Color Coding – Color coding strategy encourages students to learn how to find and use text evidence in their answers.

✏️Comprehensive – Passages are perfect for comprehensive standards based test prep. Included anchor charts and questions make this resource great for lesson modeling. Works perfectly for small groups and guided reading.

✏️Scaffolding – Utilizes the Lexile Framework® for Reading and a mix of standards based essay and multiple choice questions to allow educators to scaffold independent work and homework. Also great for centers and interventions.

✏️Highly Engaging – Contains adapted and custom content with high-quality photographs and illustrations designed to engage students of all levels and interests.

Teachers Just ❤️LOVE❤️ These Resources:

★ Allison L. said [RI.6.3], “I’ve really struggled with teaching this standard over the past couple of years! This resource really broke it down and helped me (and the kids!) better understand! Thank you so much!

★ Patricia D. said [RI.6.4], “I have been using this resource in my differentiated centers and it works extremely well for my advance readers. The stories are interesting and students enjoy them.

★ Samantha G. said [RI.6.5], “Great resource! My students loved the high-interest passages!”

What’s Included:

1. Making Inferences – 6th Grade Reading Comprehension Passages RI.6.1
2. Central Idea – 6th Grade RI.6.2
3. Key Individuals Events and Ideas – 6th Grade RI.6.3
4. Context Clues – Figurative, Connotative, Technical Meanings – 6th Grade RI.6.4
5. Text Structure – 6th Grade RI.6.5
6. Author’s Purpose & Author’s Point of View – 6th Grade RI.6.6

*Growing bundle to include similar resources for RI.6.7 thorough RI.6.10.

Magicore is a Certified Lexile Partner:

⭐️See more about why certified Lexile measures matter by clicking on the product preview and navigating to the About Lexile Levels page.


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