5th Grade Affixes Unit & Task Cards – Print & Digital

5th Grade Affixes Unit & Task Cards – Print & Digital



5th Grade Affixes Unit & Task Cards

⭐️This affix unit & task cards are perfect for focusing on key 5th grade affixes skills. It includes worksheets, fun activities, crafts, passages, task cards, and an assessment. This resource includes both printable PDF and Google Slides versions for effective classroom and distance learning. This resource is geared for fourth grade.


⭐️ Provides multiple ways for students to learn and practice affixes. Includes targeted activities and affixes in context.


Key Features:

✏️Digital & Printable Versions: This resource includes both PDF and Google Slides versions for classroom to distance learning versatility. It includes five total files: PDF Resource, Google Slides Resource, PDF Task Cards, Google Slides Task Cards, and PDF Answer Key.


✏️Print & Go Flexibility: Most pages are no prep! Just print and go!


✏️Interactive & Engaging: Activities and worksheets are interactive and engaging, so students remain focused on learning key affix skills.


Table of Contents:

Affixes Language Skills Unit

· Prefix: en-/em-

· Prefix: Sub-

· Prefix: Fore-

· Prefix: Semi-

· Prefix: Poly-/Multi-

· Prefix: Anti-

· Prefix: Auto-

· Prefix: Kilo- / Milli- / Mille-

· Number prefixes: Deca- / Deci-, Centi-, Milli- / Mille-

· Prefix Review

· Suffix: -Ion / -Tion / -Ation / -Ition

· Suffix: -Able / -Ible

· Suffix: -Ive / -Ative / -Tive

· Suffix: -Logy / -Ology

· Suffix: -Ence / -Ance

· Suffix: -An / -Ian

· Suffix Review

· Root: Vis or Vid

· Root: Aqua

· Root: Aud or Audi

· Root: Log or Logue

· Root: Mit

· Differentiated Stories & Affix Questions (6 Lexile-leveled sets)

o Volcanology – 950L

o The Metric System – 900L

o My Favorite Musician – 950L

o Flu Season – 1000L

o The Aquarium – 940L

o Mom’s Unique Vase – 790L

· Affix Assessment

Affixes Language Skills Task Cards

  • 52 Skill Focused Task Cards
  • Answer Key


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