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  • Science Differentiated Passages: Environmental Change Solution - 3-LS4-4
  • Science Differentiated Passages: Habitats and Organism Survival - 3-LS4-3
  • Science Differentiated Passages: Variation, Survival, and Reproduction - 3-LS4-2
  • Science Differentiated Reading Passages: Environmental Influence - 3-LS3-2
  • Science Passages: Inherited Traits In Plants and Animals - 3-LS3-1
  • Science Passages: Plant and Animal Life Cycles - 3-LS1-1
  • Science: Severe Weather for 1st and 2nd grade cover showing worksheets, a student made book, and a tablet for the printable and digital resource
  • Sojourner Truth Differentiated Reading and Writing Activities
  • Story Structure Mentor Texts - 2nd & 3rd Grade RL.2.5
  • Organization & Management

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  • Summarize Nonfiction cover for 4th & 5th grade showing printable and digital worksheet

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