Phonics Consonant Diagraphs Digital Mini Lessons Science of Reading SOR Aligned

Phonics Consonant Diagraphs Digital Mini Lessons Science of Reading SOR Aligned


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Phonics Consonant Digraphs Digital Mini Lessons Science of Reading

Practice consonant digraphs based on the Science of Reading with this comprehensive set of digital mini lessons. This digital resource includes 15 web-based interactive mini-lessons, ensuring students master consonant digraphs through engaging and effective practice.


Key Features

  • 15 Mini Lessons: Each lesson is designed to take 10-15 minutes, making them perfect for quick practice sessions.
  • Interactive Learning: Students can read, listen, spell, and read sentences featuring consonant digraphs.
  • Science of Reading: All lessons are based on The Science of Reading research, ensuring evidence-based practices. Word lists are carefully selected based on Willy Belvin’s word list suggestions.
  • Audio Support: Every lesson includes audio to aid in pronunciation and understanding.
  • Self-Correcting: Immediate feedback helps students learn and correct mistakes on the spot.
  • Repeatable Practice: Students can practice lessons multiple times to reinforce and master skills.


  1. Read: Introduction to consonant digraphs with example words.
  2. Listen: Audio support for proper pronunciation.
  3. Spell: Interactive spelling practice with immediate feedback.
  4. Read Sentences: Application of consonant digraphs in sentence reading.


Why Choose This Resource?

  • Engaging and Interactive: Keeps students motivated with interactive elements.
  • Effective Learning: Aligned with The Science of Reading to promote effective phonics instruction.
  • Flexible Use: Ideal for classroom, remote learning, or individual practice.
  • Easy to Use: Designed for effortless integration into your phonics curriculum.
  • Empower your students to master consonant digraphs with this dynamic and comprehensive phonics resource. Perfect for elementary students, this tool ensures foundational reading skills are built with confidence and precision.


Lessons Include:

  1. /ch/ Initial Position
  2. /ch/ Final Position
  3. Multisyllabic /ch/
  4. /sh/ Initial Position
  5. /sh/ Final Position
  6. Other /sh/
  7. /sh/ Multisyllabic
  8. /zh/ Medial Position
  9. /th/ (Voiceless) Initial Position
  10. /th/ (Voiceless) Final Position
  11. /th/ Multisyllabic
  12. /th/ as in The
  13. /hw/ Initial Position
  14. /ng/ Medial/ Final Position
  15. /ng/ Multisyllabic


Word lists are derived from research based on Wiley Blevins.


Please Note: You must have access to the internet to use this web-based resource. To test if these resources will work on your device, check our sample here.


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