2nd Grade Reading Exit Tickets with Google Forms for Distance Learning

2nd Grade Reading Exit Tickets with Google Forms for Distance Learning



These 2nd grade reading exit tickets in both PDF and Google Forms include 34 short quick check multiple choice reading passages for each second grade reading literature and reading informational text standard. There are 2 passages for every 2nd grade Common Core reading comprehension standard.


⭐️Excellent quick assessment at the end of a lesson

⭐️Quick to administer and easy to grade

⭐️Helps teachers determine next steps and identify students who need more help

⭐️Engages students with a broad range of topics and color coding to reinforce using text evidence

⭐️Common Core aligned, but can be applied to many state standards


Table of Contents
Reading Literature 2nd Grade Exit Tickets

1. RL.2.1 Answer Questions

  • Missing Money
  • Lucy and Cinna

2. RL2.2 Recount Fables

  • Two Travelers
  • The Ants and the Grasshopper

3. RL.2.3 Characters Respond to Events

  • Toy Car
  • Alexi’s New Start

4. RL.2.4 Words & Phrases

  • If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking
  • Caterpillar

5. RL.2.5 Story Structure

  • New Year, New Friends
  • The Big Game

6. RL.2.6 Author’s Purpose

  • The Present
  • Summer Popsicle

7. RL.2.7 Illustrations

  • The First Day
  • Babysitter

8. RL.2.9 Compare & Contrast Versions of Stories

  • Cinderella
  • Jack and the Beanstalk

Reading Informational Text (Nonfiction) 2nd Grade Exit Tickets

1. RI.2.1 Answer Questions

  • Zebras
  • Helen Keller

2. RI.2.2 Main Topic

  • Malala Yousafzai
  • Manatees

3. RI.2.3 Connections

  • Galapagos
  • Jeremiah Evarts vs. Andrew Jackson

4. RI.2.4 Words & Phrases

  • Unicorns
  • Tornadoes

5. RI.2.5 Text Features

  • Index
  • Bulleted List

6. RI.2.6 Author’s Purpose

  • Summer
  • Cork

7. RI.2.7 Text Images

  • Heart Disease
  • Frogs

8. RI.2.8 Reasons & Points

  • Physical Education
  • Paul Revere

9. RI.2.9 Compare & Contrast Points

  • Salt
  • World War II


Please Note: Many of these passages are the same as the passages in my 3rd grade exit tickets since the text complexity band and standards are closely aligned. Some passages and questions are modified to fit the 2nd grade standards.


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