5th Grade Reading Exit Tickets with Google Forms for Distance Learning

5th Grade Reading Exit Tickets with Google Forms for Distance Learning


These 5th grade reading exit tickets in both PDF and Google Forms for easy distance learning include 34 short quick check multiple choice reading passages for each fifth grade reading literature and reading informational text standard. There are two passages for every Common Core standard.


Key Features:
⭐️Exit tickets for 5th grade are excellent for quick assessment at the end of a lesson.

⭐️They are quick to administer and easy to grade.

⭐️Reading exit tickets can help teachers determine next steps and identify students who need additional guidance.

⭐️Engages students with a broad range of topics and utilizes color coding to reinforce proper use of text evidence.

⭐️Common Core aligned, but can also be applied to many state specific standards.


Whats Included:
Reading Literature (Fiction) 5th Grade Exit Tickets

1. RL.5.1 Supporting Details

  • Halloween Dare
  • Landon’s Lemonade

2. RL.5.2 Theme

  • A Birthday Gift
  • A Passion for Painting

3. RL.5.3 Compare Characters, Settings, Events

  • The Party Invite
  • Beach Trip

4. RL.5.4 Words & Phrases

  • Sprinkles the Dinosaur
  • The Wizard’s Mistake

5. RL.5.5 Literature Structure

  • The Snowflake Adventures
  • The Unicorn Sighting

6. RL.5.6 Point of View

  • Love for the Game
  • The Walk

7. RL.5.7 Multimedia Elements

  • Trouble in the Woods
  • The Gargoyle

8. RL.5.9 Compare & Contrast Genres

  • The Ant and the Butterfly and The Tortoise and the Hare
  • Magicbury Quest and The Moving Target

Reading Informational Text (Nonfiction) 5th Grade Exit Tickets

1. RI.5.1 Using Details

  • A Dog’s Sense of Smell
  • Funny Bone

2. RI.4.2 Main Idea & Details

  • Bugs to Eat
  • The World’s Most Popular Sport

3. RI.5.3 Using Details to Explain

  • Amelia Earhart
  • Chameleon’s Color

4. RI.5.4 Context Clues

  • Walking Fish
  • Deadliest Animal

5. RI.5.5 Compare Text Structure

  • Trampoline
  • Braille

6. RI.5.6 Compare & Contrast

  • Asteroids vs. Comets
  • Llamas & Alpacas

7. RI.5.7 Interpret Information

  • Moon Phases
  • Sharks’ Bodies

8. RI.5.8 Reasons Support Points

  • Talented Seals
  • The Red Tails

9. RI.5.9 Integrate Information

  • A Dangerous Landslide
  • A Hidden Hero

Please Note: Many of these passages are the same as the passages in my 4th grade exit tickets since the text complexity band and standards are closely aligned. Some passages and questions are modified to fit the 5th grade standards.


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