3rd Grade Benchmark Reading Assessments – Passages, Questions, & Data PRINT ONLY



3rd Grade Benchmark Reading Assessments

✅Contains 30 Lexile® certified passages with question sets broken up into three separate assessments. Each assessment contains 5 fiction and 5 nonfiction passages.


✅These benchmark assessments can be used for the beginning, middle, and end of the year to track growth and identify learning gaps. Passages and question sets are aligned to 3rd grade Common Core Standards.


✅Features certified Lexile® leveled close reading passages with standards based questions to give teachers a clear picture of student gaps and track progress to guide instruction.



✏️Comprehensive – Includes 3 separate benchmark assessments. Each assessment contains 10 passages broken up into 5 fiction and nonfiction passages. Questions are written to mimic state testing.


✏️Lexile Levels – All qualifying passages include a certified Lexile measure. Passages vary across the 3rd grade Common Core Text Complexity Band (the range for second and third grade is 420L-820L).


✏️Easy Data Management – Excel data spreadsheet with instructions is also included. Simply enter the student names and answers. The spreadsheet will breakdown student results by question and by standard.


✏️Empowering – Benchmark tests & resulting data empowers teachers to make data driven decisions regarding interventions or small groups. Teachers and students can celebrate success.


✏️Thorough – Each assessment is lengthy and will require time for students to take, but results will be a valuable tool to guide long-term instruction.


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