Let's Take A Field Trip!

Why Virtual Field Trips?

Virtual Field Trips are fun, engaging, and educational!

Formats are perfect for any classroom setup. Slides are interactive and can be used as a fun and engaging exercise within the classroom or remotely. Works as teacher led exercise, small group activity, or indiviudal assignment (recommended grades 4+). Activities can be broken up over multiple days.

Integrated video tours offer students the ability to immerse themselves in the topic and location, increasing engagement and fun.

 Integrates key reading skills like compare & contrast, multimedia, multiple sources, and more.

Virtual field trip helps students understand more about the world around them. Each resource integrates a variety of skills. Students complete reading and writing activities along with watching videos and completing thought-provoking exercises. Each resource includes key reading comprehension, writing, multimedia, science, and other skills. Writing prompts help students contemplate and share their feelings and ideas about each topic.

Growing bundles give teachers access to future field trip resources without any additional fees! All field trips are available indiviudally.

"This product is absolutely amazing!!!!! Being a novice to creating Google slides, the amount of work put into create the interesting virtual field trip is simply incredible. Each field trip is a social studies, science, and language arts masterpiece."
Sallie S.

Looking for Primary Level Field Trips?

What Teachers are Saying

Featured Field Trip

  • Virtual Field Trip to Arlington Cemetery for Memorial Day in Google Slides & Seesaw Format

Go Anywhere... Do Anything!

Our Virtual Field Trip resources take students places across the globe and beyond. Explore volcanoes, the arctic, or the desert. Travel to the bottom of the ocean to visit the Titanic, back in time to Revolutionary Period Boston, or to the 1960s to learn about the Space Race. Learn about holidays in different cultures, biomes, social studies, science, and more! 

New & Seasonal Field Trips

  • Virtual Field Trip: The American Revolution | Google & Seesaw
  • Virtual Field Trip: Independence Day - Google Slides & Seesaw
  • Virtual Field Trip: Rock Formations Around the World - Google Slides & Seesaw
  • Virtual Field Trip: Theme Park for Force & Motion - Google Slides & Seesaw
  • Virtual Field Trip: One-Room Schoolhouses | Google & Seesaw
  • Virtual Field Trip to Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory in Google Slides and Seesaw Format with Answer Key

Explore the World

  • Virtual Field Trip to Cairo, Egypt
  • Virtual Field Trip to Paris, France
  • Virtual Field Trip to Tokyo, Japan
  • Virtual Field Trip to the Dinosaur Dig
  • Virtual Field Trip: Cinderella Around the World | Google & Seesaw
  • Virtual Field Trip to a Volcano in Google Slides and Seesaw Format
  • Titanic Virtual Field Trip in Seesaw & Google Format
  • Virtual Field Trip To the Rainforest product cover showing a silde from the distance learning resource on a tablet with a map in the background
  • Virtual Field Trip to St. Augustine, Florida - Google Slides & Seesaw
  • Virtual Field Trip to the Great Barrier Reef - Google Slides & Seesaw
  • Chocolate Virtual Field Trip showing a map in the background and a suitcase for students to put their learning in.
  • Virtual Field Trip to Amsterdam: Anne Frank's House - Google Slides & Seesaw
  • Virtual Field Trip to the dog sled race cover showing a tablet with a digital learning resource for distance learning
  • Virtual Field Trip - The 7 Wonders of the World in Google Slides & Seesaw Format
  • Virtual Field Trip to The Arctic in Google Slides & Seesaw Format


Growing Mega Bundle

*Growing Mega Bundle Contains All Elementary Leveled (2-5) Virtual Field Trip Resources & Future Releases at No Additional Cost

Themed Growing Bundles

  • Authors Virtual Biography GROWING Bundle
  • Upper Elementary and Middle School Virtual Field Trips GROWING Bundle

*Bundles Contain a Collection of  Themed Virtual Field Trip Resources & Future Releases at No Additional Cost

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