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What is MagiCore Academy?

MagiCore Academy is a learning tool that empowers parents to transform learning through virtual exploration. 

With MagiCore Academy, parents have unlimited access to a growing library of resources. Resources can be assigned, completed, and reviewed right in the MagiCore Academy platform!

We Believe Student Engagement Can Transform Learning

Studies show that children learn and retain information much more effectively when they are engaged. Using resources that engage students can transform their learning and make a huge difference in their success.

Our resources combine engaging multimedia with skills based exercises that help students master key reading and writing skills while learning to think critically and exploring the world around them. 

Engagement with a Purpose

Engagment is a key factor in learning success, but it is not the only factor. When you are exploring learning options, it’s important to find resources that effectively develop key skills like reading, writing, math, and critical thinking. 

When you engage with purpose, children thrive. 

Go Anywhere... Do Anything!

Our Virtual Field Trip resources take children places across the globe and beyond. Explore volcanoes, the arctic, or the desert. Travel to the bottom of the ocean to visit the Titanic, back in time to Revolutionary Period Boston, or to the 1960s to learn about the Space Race. Learn about holidays in different cultures, biomes, social studies, science, and more! 

Here are just some of the Virtual Field Trips available inside the platform. 

Titanic Virtual Field Trip in Seesaw & Google Format
Virtual Field Trip - Space Race - Google Slides & Seesaw
Virtual Field Trip through the Human Body in Google Slides & Seesaw Format
Christmas Around the World Virtual Field Trip - Primary - Google Slide & Seesaw
Virtual Field Trip to the Great Barrier Reef - Google Slides & Seesaw

How does it work?

When you sign up for the MagiCore Academy, you receive instant access to our growing list of Virtual Field Trips.

When you sign up, you will recive access to your teacher/parent account. From here, you will be able to create accounts for your students, search for resources, assign resources, check completion status, and retrieve student answers.

Student accounts are automatically created when you enter your student information. Usernames and passwords are managed through an easy to use table. Students can log in to see their assignment, check the status, and to complete their assignments. Everything is done automatically, so there is no back and forth or questions about assignment status.  

Teachers can browse or search a growing list of Virtual Field Trips. The resources can be previewed in full before assigning to students. Assignments can be generated for certain students or to an entire class.

The program saves student answers to the teacher’s account, so you always know which students completed the resource and whether they took it seriouslyl.

Teachers and parents can sign up for a free ten day trial membership.

Walkthrough Video

Free 10 Day Trial Membership

We believe these resources are a real game changer. We’re confident you and your students will love this program, and we want everyone to have a chance to give it a try.

That’s why when you sign up today, we will not charge your card until your paid membership starts 10 days from now. That means you get FULL ACCESS to our growing list of Virtual Field Trips, your teacher and student dashboards, and full reporting for no cost. 

If you love it, you will be charged a monthly fee of $5.99 on day 10 and once per month thereafter. You can cancel your monthly membership anytime right from your dashboard, so there’s really no reason not to give it a try!

Virtual Field Trip Screen Shot showing christmas around the world resource

Using the MagiCore Academy platform is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

Step 1

Enter your children’s names to automatically generate their login info.

Step 2

Preview & assign student activities from the growing list of resources.

Step 3

Students practice key skills while learning about the world around them.

Sign Up Now!

Monthly Membership

Free 10 Day Trial, then Unlimited Access for $5.99 per month

Annual Membership

Unlimited Access for $59.99 per year

What to Expect

Add your Learners

Whether you’re a parent with one child or a teacher with an entire class, MagiCore Academy is ready for you and your learners. Add each learner’s first name, last name, and grade level and MagiCore Academy will automatically create accounts with usernames and passwords. You can manage and delete accounts right from the Student List dashboard.

Magicore Academy Student List showing names of sample students
Magicore Academy screenshot showing virtual field trips for elementary school education

Find your Resources

You receive instant access to a growing number of Virtual Field Trip resources. Search by level, subject, topic, or season – or just browse the growing list of available resources. Resources can be assigned to one, some, or all the learners on your student list!

Learners Dashboard

Learners access resources directly from their dashboard. They can see a list off all pending assignments, and revisit their completed assignments at any time.

Student using magicore academy virtual field trips
virtual field trip answers for magicore academy platform

Student Answers

Student text answers are relayed back to the teacher dashboard, so you can see which students completed their assignments and review their answers. Student data is fully managed by the teacher and can be deleted upon deletion of the student user.

So what are you waiting for?

Monthly Membership

Free 10 Day Trial, then Unlimited Access for $5.99 per month

Annual Membership

Unlimited Access for $59.99 per year


We strive to create resources that empower teachers and transform student success. We create skill-focused resources that promote critical thinking, enhance student engagement, and incorporate diversity. Our goal is to develop the tools teachers need to reach their students and foster a lifetime of learning.

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