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Make Your Free Time Yours Again!

Teachers. Let's be honest...

You never really stop thinking about your students.

Which means you're always working, and you wish you could enjoy more free time.

But what if you had access to the resources you want, when you need them? And what if you could save money in the process?

I designed the MagiCore Club for teachers just like you!

As a member, you'll get exclusive access to my Custom Learning Path, where you can find resources, strategies, and support for EVERY reading comprehension skill. You'll also recieve $40.00 in credits each month to use ANYWHERE in the MagiCore Shop. With over 1500 available teaching resources, you can access the resources you want - when you need them!

How the Membership Works

Huge Savings on All Resources Accessed through the Membership!

  • For a low monthly payment of $24.00, members receive $40.00 in credits each month.
  • Annual subscribers pay $240 and receive $480 in credits.
  • Credits can be used anywhere in the MagiCore Shop – including my BRAND NEW Classroom Management Course!
  • Members save 40% on all resources purchased with membership funds. Annual subscribers save 50%.

Exclusive Membership Access

  • As a teacher myself, I know that finding the resources you need is only part of the equation. So I developed a Custom Learning Plan where members can find the resources and support they need to succeed in the classroom. 
  • Here you will find pages dedicated to each reading standard. Each page contains a quick reference guide, skill overview, recommended resources, member only freebees, lesson plans, skill specific tips & strategies, parent letters, and more – all focused on a singular reading skill.
  • You’ll also have access to my members only facebook page, where you can get advice, share strategies, and celebrate your achievements.

Comprehensive Skill Packs

  • My Comprehensive Skill Packs contain a bundle of resources that are perfect for 2nd – 5th grade teachers.
  • The Skill Packs have get everything you need to complete a two week skill based instruction.
  • Skill Packs are the backbone of the Custom Learning Plan, and can be accessed using your membership credits.
  • You can find out more about Skill Packs below!

Members are Empowered to Choose Your Resources!

  • Unlike most memberships – MagiCore Club members can use their credits on ANYTHING in the store. So you can utilize the Custom Learning Plan and use your credits on the recommended Skill Packs, select your own Skill Packs, or purchase any of the 800+ other resources and bundles in the MagiCore store. 

Price Lock Promise

The membership fees may increase for new members, but our price-lock promise is to never increase the price of the membership for existing members – so if you sign up now, you will continue to receive the amazing value of the membership for the same low membership fee.

Why Choose MagiCore Club?

Save Money

Members save 40% off all resources accessed with membership funds. Annual members save 50%.

Save Money

Credits never expire, so you can get the resources you want - when you need them!
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Save Time

Eliminate the endless searching! MagiCore resources are trusted by over 100,000 teachers, so you can feel confident you have the right resource.

Custom Learning Plan

Resources and additional support is aligned by reading skill to save you time and help you find exactly what you need.
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The Power of Choice

Store credits can be used for any resource in the MagiCore Club store. So you have the flexibility to follow the Custom Learning Path or choose your own resources in the store.

You're in Control

With Magicore Club, you can access the resources you want when you need them!
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Teachers Love This Membership!

More Power. More Choice.

Choose the Resources You Want, When You Need Them

MagiCore Club members can use their membership credits to purchase any resource in the MagiCore Shop. So whether it’s 1st grade or 6th grade, reading or math, virtual field trips, escape rooms, or project based learning, MagiCore Club has you covered!

Plus, you can cancel anytime and credits never expire, so there’s no obligation. If you’re not happy or don’t need more credits, simply cancel your membership though the online members portal and you’re good to go!

Custom Learning Plan Access

Your Own Strategy for Success

The MagiCore Club was specifically designed for teachers – so I’ve also created a step by step Custom Learning Plan where you can utilize the Skill Packs along with other resources to help you overcome learning challenges, save time, and make a lasting impact with your students.

How Does It Work?

The Custom Learning Plan is an integrated teaching strategy built around the resources found in each Skill Pack. As you work through the Custom Learning Plan, you will access additional resources and strategies to help support you and your students’ success.

What's Included in the Custom Learning Plan?

Each page focuses on a single reading comprehension skill. 

Quick Reference Guide

The Quick Reference Guide is your go to resource for each skill. Here you will find the Skill Overview, Skill Map, and Unpacking the Skill Chart

How to Teach It

This resource is amazing whether you’re a new teacher or have been teaching for 20 years. I provide links to my skill focused posts so you can explore some of the tips and strategies I found successful as a teacher.

Lesson Plans

In this section, you will find two complementary resources. 

  • The Engage Mini Lesson is perfect for introducing skills to students.
  • I also included the Skill Pack Lesson Plan so you can see how the recommended resources are used. This gives you a change to review it prior to choosing your resources.  

Parent Letters

We all know that students who receive support at home are more likely to succeed. I created these parent letters that explain each skill. They’re perfect for sending home when you start a new skill. 


Here you will find the resources that focus on each skill.

  • Skill Pack Bundle (contains all of the below resources)
  • Digital Mini Lessons
  • Core Comprehension Reading Passages & Question Sets
  • Guided Readers
  • Task Cards
  • Boom Cards
  • Lesson Plans

Other Supporting Resources

Here you will find other resources that focus on the same skill. These resources may include Escape Rooms, Project Based Learning, or other resources and activities that focus on the same skill but are not included in the core reading curriculum . 

Building a Community for Success

The Custom Learning Plan is designed to help you be your best. So I’ve also integrated an exclusive members only Facebook group. As you complete steps in your Custom Learning Plan, you will have the opportunity to reach out to the group for support and provide guidance to other Club members. 

The Power of Choice

The Custom Learning Plan is designed to support your success, so I made sure you have the power to choose. Unlike most memberships, you can choose which resources to access and even whether to follow the Plan or simply use your credits to access other resources in the MagiCore Shop.

With the MagiCore Club, you have the power to choose which resources are right for you.

2nd Grade Math Curriculum Bundle
Reading Comprehension Escape Room Bundle for 4thh & 5th Grade
Ice Cream Truck Mania: Math Project Based Learning - 3rd in Print & Digital Format

Comprehensive Skill Packs

Comprehensive, Consistent, and Easy

I’ve aligned my 2nd – 5th grade reading resources into bundles called Comprehensive Skill Packs. They have everything you need to support your skill-based reading comprehension instruction. No more searching around for resources hoping they align with your needs!

Each skill pack contains every resource you need to plan, teach, and reinforce a particular skill. There is one available for every 2nd – 5th grade reading standard!

Each Skill Pack Contains:

Skill Focused Lesson Plans

  • Two weeks of lesson plans built around proven teaching strategies using the resources included in this Skill Pack.

Digital Lessons

  • Google Slides format makes this resource flexible for any classroom or distance learning need.
  • Five skill focused mini-lessons with engaging video lessons and links to integrated YouTube mentor text read alouds.
  • Skill focused interactive anchor charts, questions, and activities allow students to learn each important skill.
  • Teachers can use this as a presentation for their mini lessons in school or virtually.
  • This resource can also be used as self-guided lessons for virtual learning.

Guided Reading Packet (Digital & Printable)

  • Skill focused guided reader differentiated on three levels.
  • Professionally Lexile leveled original text.
  • Printable PDF, digital reader, printable booklet, and Google Slides versions make this perfect for any classroom or distance learning need.
  • Includes integrated reading fluency checks, small group plans, comprehension questions, and skill-focused graphic organizers.

Core Comprehension Passages & Questions Set (Digital & Printable)

  • Lexile® leveled reading comprehension passages and skill-focused question sets.
  • Color coding strategy encourages students to learn how to find and use text evidence in their answers.
  • Printable PDF & Digital Google Slides versions make this resource perfect for classroom and distance learning.
  • Includes standard based questions, anchor charts, and skill-focused test passages.
  • Certified Lexile measured close reading comprehension texts are varied within the second and third grade bands.

Task Cards (Digital & Printable)

  • Set of 30 task cards with short passages and standard aligned multiple choice questions.
  • Both Printable & Boom Card formats included.
  • Perfect for centers, scavenger hunt, scoot, games, whole class practice, exit tickets, and more!

Limited Sign Up Period

Only a Few Days to Sign Up!

Remember that this amazing opportunity to conserve time, save money, and access the resources you need will only be open until Sunday, August 13, 2023 – then it will close until it opens again next year.

Price Lock Promise

The membership fees will increase for new members, but our price-lock promise is to never increase the price of the membership for existing members – so if you sign up now, you will continue to receive the amazing value of the membership for the same low monthly membership fee.

That’s $40.00 in resources every month, plus exclusive access to the Custom Learning Plan featuring my Comprehensive Skill Packs for one low fee!

So What Are You Waiting For??