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Ways this resource may be used:

  • Use this resource personally or with your own children.
  • Use this resource in your own classroom.
  • Provide this resource to your students to use at your instruction.
  • Print and/or copy for use in your own classroom.
  • Provide print version(s) of specific pages within the product to a substitute teacher with the sole purpose of instructing your students.
  • Assign to your students via a secure document portal or electronic learning platform that requires individual user verification and limits access to only the students in your own classroom (e.g. Google Classroom).
  • Review this product with others with the sole purpose of recommending the product, provided you include the link below:

Ways this resource may not be used:

  • Give to others to use personally.
  • Give to others to use in another classroom.
  • Give to parents to use with their children outside of your lessons.
  • Print or copy this item to share with other teachers or other classrooms.
  • Publish or host online in a manner where the material is accessible to others besides the students in your own classroom, including but not limited to personal, classroom, or district websites that are accessible by the general public.
  • Use this resource commercially (e.g. Outschool), except under the terms and conditions for Commercial Use as set forth below.
  • Publish, sell, or otherwise disseminate the product to anyone.

All materials are © Julie Bochese unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved. The reproduction of any product is strictly prohibited unless otherwise allowed by these terms. Permission is granted to the original purchaser or licensee to make copies to use with students and/or to assign to students digitally providing all materials are only available to students assigned directly to the purchaser and/or license holder. Placing any product on the internet so that it is accessible to the general public or sharing unlicensed copies is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and is strictly forbidden. Improper use of materials will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Commercial Use

Educators seeking to use any MagiCore resource for commercial use may obtain a limited license by following the terms and conditions set forth in the Commercial Use License Agreement and competing the Commercial Use Reporting Tool prior to each commercial use. Please note, in order to comply with the Commercial Use License Agreement, a separate license must be purchased for each person who attends your course, class, or training. Please read the Commercial Use License Agreement carefully and contact with any questions. Special licensing terms may be available upon request.

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