1st Grade Math Common Core Foldable Activities



1st Grade Math Common Core Foldable Activities

⭐22 Math Flip Book Activities Aligned to all First grade Common Core math standards.


⭐Perfect for Interactive Journals!


Table of Contents

Operations & Algebraic Thinking

  • 1.OA.A.1- Addition and Subtraction Word Problems (2 pgs.)
  • 1.OA.A.2- Word Problems with adding three numbers ( 3 pgs.)
  • 1.OA.B.3- Properties of Operations(2 pgs.)
  • 1.OA.B.4- Understand Subtraction as Unknown-Addend Problem (2 pgs.)
  • 1.OA.C.5- Relate Counting to Addition and Subtraction (2 pgs.)
  • 1.OA.C.6- Add and Subtract Within 20 (1 pg.)
  • 1.OA.D.7- Understanding the Equal Sign (1 pg.)
  • 1.OA.D.8- Determine an Unknown Number (2 pgs.)


Numbers & Operations in Base Ten

  • 1.NBT.A.1- Count to 120 (2 pgs.)
  • 1.NBT.B.2- Tens and Ones (6 pgs.)
  • 1.NBT.B.3- Less Than, Greater Than, Equal To (2 pgs.)
  • 1.NBT.C.4- Add within 100 (5 pgs.)
  • 1.NBT.C.5- Mentally add or subtract 10 (1 pg.)
  • 1.NBT.C.6- Subtract Multiples of 10 (2 pgs.)


Measurement & Data

  • 1.MD.A.1- Order Three Objects by Length (2 pgs.)
  • 1.MD.A.2- Measure Whole Unit Lengths (1 pg.)
  • 1.MD.B.3- Tell and Write Time in Hours and Half-Hours (2 pgs.)
  • 1.MD.C.4- Organize, represent, and interpret Data (2 pgs.)



  • 1.GA.1- Shape Attributes (2 pgs.)
  • 1.GA.2- Compose Shapes (2 pgs.)
  • 1.GA.3- Partition circles and rectangles into equal shares (4 pgs.)


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