Place Value: Tens and Ones 1st Grade




Place Value: Tens and Ones 1st Grade

⭐️ Complete first grade place value unit aligned to CCSS 1.NBT.B.2 and FL BEST MA.1.NSO.1.3. Engaging unit with everything you need to master tens and ones place value.


⭐️ Includes everything you need! Original song and video to introduce the concept, anchor chart, lesson plans, mini book, worksheets, games, and quiz.


⭐️ Highly engaging and comprehensive! Students will love singing and dancing to our original place value song and video, then creating a mini book all about the place value family. Their confidence and independence will grow as they grasp the skills in the scaffolded worksheets, followed by reviewing with a game and showing off their knowledge in the unit quiz.


Key Features:

✏️ Standards Based- Two versions that are carefully aligned to CCSS and FL B.E.S.T. standards.


✏️ Scaffolded- Begins by introducing the concepts in fun and engaging ways using music, coloring, and characters. Progresses to visual matching questions, followed by fill-in-the-blank, then more rigorous tasks involving finding the missing number and decomposing tens and ones to create a number. Problem solving challenges that go beyond the standard is also included as a challenge and extension to promote further critical thinking.


✏️ Engaging – This resource will capture your students’ attention with repetitive songs, visual activities, and hands-on manipulative use. Students will have fun and feel confident as they gain independence with this foundational skill!


✏️ Easy to Use- Lesson plans included! Pages and worksheets are scaffolded to make planning and prep. a breeze! Worksheets are designed to be easy to correct and assess.


Table of Contents

  1. Pedagogy
  2. Lesson Plans (8 days)
  3. Place Value Vocabulary Cards
  4. Base Ten Beat: Song & Video
  5. Place Value Mat
  6. Build It!
  7. Anchor Chart
  8. My Place Value Book
  9. Place Value Plate (activity with food)
  10. Place Value Match
  11. Place Value Trade (Regrouping activity)
  12. Place Value Chart
  13. What Number Am I?
  14. Show Me the Number
  15. Write the Equations
  16. Show Me the Missing Number
  17. Matching
  18. Problem Solver
  19. Quiz
  20. Place Value Scoot


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