Measurement and Data – 1st Grade Math Stories Bundle #5

Measurement and Data – 1st Grade Math Stories Bundle #5



Measurement and Data – 1st Grade Math Stories Bundle #5

⭐️Set 5: Measurement and Data for 1st grade contains 4 math stories focusing on the basics of understanding lengths, time, and data.


⭐️Each math story includes an engaging storyline, compelling illustrations, standard based “STOP AND SOLVE” activities, and is available in both print and as interactive digital readers!


⭐️These math stories are excellent resources to utilize as an end of unit review or as scaffolded review throughout the year. The print version allows you to have students follow along with you as you read, while also practicing the targeted skill. The digital version allows your students to listen to the story independently while still practicing the target skill on the “STOP AND SOLVE” pages. This resource is perfect for a whole group read-aloud/follow along activity or as an interactive independent/small group activity!


⭐️Created to align with CCSS 1.MD.1, 1.MD.3, and 1.MD.4. Also aligned with FL BEST standards MA.1.DP.1.1, MA.1.M.1.2, and MA.1.M.2.1


What’s Included:

  1. A New Home for Silo: Ordering the Length of Objects
  2. Gardening Greatness: Expressing Length of Objects
  3. The Camping Schedule: Writing Time in Hours and Half-hours
  4. Summer Camp Creature Count: Data in Graphs and Charts


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