Shape Attributes- CC 1.G.A.1

Shape Attributes- CC 1.G.A.1


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First Grade Shape Attributes

Common Core 1.G.A.1

Table of Contents
*This product teaches the attributes of circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, and trapezoids.
1. Vocabulary Cards (2 pages)
2. Circle the Shape (5 pages)
3. Everyday Shapes (4 pages)
4. Categorize 2-D Shapes (1 page)
5. My Shape Book (7 pages)
6. Foldable Activity (2 pages)
7. 2-D Pretzel Shapes (1 page)
8. Compare and Contrast Shapes (2 pages)
9. Mystery Shape (1 page)
10. 2-D Shape Quiz (2 pages)


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