Comprehension Bookmarks- 2nd and 3rd Grade

Comprehension Bookmarks- 2nd and 3rd Grade


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⭐️ This resource includes 34 reading comprehension skills and strategy bookmarks for all of the 2nd and 3rd grade standards and more! Bookmarks include mini anchor charts on one side, and a template for practice on the backside. Just print, fold, and laminate if you choose!

⭐️ These bookmarks are perfect for students to practice skills and strategies independently. They can be used to differentiate centers and independent reading time.

⭐️ All of the Common Core State Standards are included, plus more! This makes them easy to use no matter what state standards you follow!

Skills and Strategies Included:

Fiction Skills

  1. Visualizing
  2. Making Predictions
  3. Making Connections
  4. Ask and Answer Questions
  5. Recount Stories
  6. Theme
  7. Character Traits vs. Feelings
  8. Character Change
  9. Elements of Poetry
  10. Figurative Language
  11. Context Clues
  12. Story Structure
  13. Chapter Book Structure
  14. Point of View
  15. Text and Illustrations
  16. Compare and Contrast Versions of a Story
  17. Compare and Contrast Stories in a Series
  18. Comprehend Stories, Plays, and Poems

Nonfiction Skills

  1. Ask and Answer Questions
  2. Topic, Main Idea, Details
  3. Connecting Historical Events
  4. Connecting Scientific Texts
  5. Connecting Technical Procedures
  6. Using Context Clues
  7. Author’s Purpose (PIE)
  8. Author’s Purpose-(ADE)
  9. Nonfiction Text Features
  10. Author’s Viewpoint
  11. Nonfiction Images
  12. Supporting Reasons
  13. Text Structure
  14. Compare and Contrast Nonfiction
  15. Fact and Opinion
  16. Recount Nonfiction

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