Gay Pride Month Virtual Field Trip to LGBTQ History – Google Slides & Seesaw

Gay Pride Month Virtual Field Trip to LGBTQ History – Google Slides & Seesaw


Gay Pride Month Virtual Field Trip to LGBTQ Pride

⭐️Let’s all take a field trip! In this Virtual Field Trip, students explore LGBTQ Pride for an exciting and educational cross-curricular learning experience. Students will learn about the history of Gay Pride, how to be an ally, important LGBTQ figures, and much more! This virtual field trip in Google Slides & Seesaw contains video links, images, reading passages, exercises, writing activities, and more.


⭐️This resource integrates a variety of social studies, reading, critical thinking, and writing skills. Students complete reading and writing assignments along with watching videos and completing thought-provoking exercises. Incorporates key reading comprehension, writing, multimedia, interdisciplinary studies, and other skills.


*Please note: Ensuring all students are accepted and proud of who they are is important to the growth and development of children. Unfortunately, LGBTQ+ rights are still controversial in many areas of the country. Please ensure you review all material and ensure you have the support of your school and families before using this resource in a classroom.


This resource includes links to YouTube videos, so ensure you and your students have access to YouTube before purchasing. Although great care has been taken to ensure all content is appropriate for the stated grade levels, each classroom is unique and it is recommended that teachers review all content prior to use. I recommend embedding the videos to avoid ads and other content that may be inappropriate. Instructions for embedding the videos are included and it should only take a few minutes. Also, keep in mind that any links to third-party content may be changed or removed by the content owner. All links are reviewed regularly; however, if you find a broken link, please let me know so I can update the resource accordingly.



✏️Google Slides & Seesaw Formats – These interactive formats are perfect for engaging no prep activities in any classroom with access to a device. Slides are interactive and can be used as a fun and engaging exercise within the classroom or at home.


✏️Engaging Interactive Maps & Virtual Video Tours – Interactive maps & virtual video tours take students inside the action.


✏️Reading Comprehension – Integrates key reading skills like compare & contrast, multimedia, multiple sources, and more.


✏️Writing & Science – Virtual field trips helps students understand more about the world around them and use writing prompts to explore their reactions and ideas.


What’s Included?

  1. The Pride Parade
  2. What Is Pride?
  3. The History of Pride
  4. Be an Ally!
  5. Celebrating Pride History
  6. Who is Marsha P. Johnson?
  7. Who is Audre Lorde?
  8. Who is Harvey Milk?
  9. Who is Billie Jean King?
  10. Who is RuPaul Charles?
  11. Who is Desmond is Amazing?
  12. Pride Reflection
  13. Be Proud!
  14. More to Explore!

Answer Key also Included


This resource is suitable for the following grade levels:

  • Upper Elementary & Middle School: Independent for on-level students.


Time to Complete:

This virtual field trip takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete. The time it takes to complete can vary based on your students. It can be completed in one session or broken up into multiple sessions.


Copyright & Terms of Use

For copyright information and a summary of how this resource can and cannot be used, please review the Terms of Use Page.


How to Use a Virtual Field Trip:

This Virtual Field Trip to the LGBTQ Pride Parade is the perfect activity for:

⭐️ Fun Fridays

⭐️ Rewards

⭐️ End of Science Unit

⭐️ Whole Class

⭐️ Small Groups

⭐️ Enrichment

⭐️ Centers


There are so many ways to use these engaging and meaningful activities in your classroom. If you’re looking for more ways to explore learning with Virtual Field Trips you can LEARN MORE here.


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