Irregular Past Tense Verbs Digital Activity for Google Slides Distance Learning

Irregular Past Tense Verbs Digital Activity for Google Slides Distance Learning




⭐️Teach parts of speech: irregular past tense verbs with this Google Slides resource. Students will learn about irregular past tense verbs such as vowel changes, ending with a “t”, no change, and a complete word change through anchor charts, videos, songs, and read alouds and apply their learning through interactive slides.


⭐️Integrates a variety of media formats and interactive movable pieces. Different types of questions and activities will help solidify this concept through visual, auditory, and creative activities. This unit focuses on identifying and using collective nouns.


⭐️Perfect for whole class introduction or distance learning lessons.


*Please note: This resource includes YouTube videos, so ensure you and your students have access to YouTube before purchasing.



✏️Google Slides Format – This interactive format is perfect for distance learning. Slides are interactive and can be used as a fun and engaging exercise within the classroom or remotely. Easily converts to PowerPoint for Microsoft Teams.


✏️Engaging Interactive Activities – Videos, songs, movable pieces

✏️Extension Activity – Teach your students more about use of irregular past tense verbs in literature through a read aloud.


What’s Included?

  1. Time for a Song
  2. Let’s Review
  3. Irregular Past Tense Verbs
  4. Sort
  5. Identify
  6. Choose
  7. Fill in the Blanks
  8. “Yesterday, I …”
  9. Silly Story
  10. Read Aloud Story
  11. Word Search
  12. Extension
  13. Time for a Song
  14. Sort
  15. Find Complete
  16. Write a Story
  17. Crossword Puzzle
  18. Read Aloud Story
  19. Sort

Want to see this entire resource in action? Check out my Video Preview Here.


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