Introduction to Division with Google Slides Distance Learning 3.OA.A.2



Introduce your 3rd graders to division by connecting division and repeated subtraction. This unit teaches key division vocabulary and practice pages that build on this skill and finding quotients of whole numbers. Students will learn about equal groups, arrays, strip diagrams and repeated subtraction while using visuals and manipulatives. Best of all, this resource is available in both print and digital Google slides.

Key Features:

✏️Printable PDFs and Google Slides included

✏️Scaffolded- Worksheets are developed to build on skills with visuals.

✏️Interactive- Cut and paste activities and digital movable pieces.

✏️Highly Engaging – Contains relatable, high interest topics and graphics.


Table of Contents

  1. Anchor Chart
  2. Vocabulary Cards
  3. Fact Families
  4. Repeated Subtraction
  5. Equal Groups
  6. Arrays
  7. Strip Diagram
  8. Number Line Hops
  9. Cut and Paste Equal Groups
  10. Cut and Paste Arrays
  11. Understanding Division
  12. Test
  13. Review Games


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