Multiplication & Division Word Problems with Google Slides Distance Learning



⭐️3rd grade multiplication and division story problems includes anchor charts, vocabulary cards, word problems GALORE, and an assessment. This resource includes over 100 word problems to last you the entire year!


⭐️Printable and Google Slides Version included



✏️Focus on Key Skills – Teach your students to solve multiplication and division word problems up to 100


✏️Organized – Problems are organized by type: equal groups, arrays, measurement quantities, and comparing.


✏️Focused on Strategy – Each problem is presented one per page, with the entire problem solving process outlined. This encourages students to slow down and do quality, thoughtful work.


✏️Comprehensive– Everything you need is included! Anchor charts, vocabulary words, group poster problems, student practice sheets, and an end of unit assessment.


Table of Contents

  1. Teaching Tips (2 pages)
  2. Anchor Charts (3 pages)
  3. Types of Story Problems Posters/Journal Pages (4 pages)
  4. Vocabulary Cards (5 pages)
  5. Story Problem Collaborative Posters (28 pages)
  6. Equal Groups Multiplication (10 pages)
  7. Equal Groups Division (10 pages)
  8. Arrays Multiplication (10 pages)
  9. Arrays Division (10 pages)
  10. Measurement Quantities Multiplication (10 pages)
  11. Measurement Quantities Division (10 pages)
  12. Comparing Multiplication (10 pages)
  13. Comparing Division (10 pages)
  14. Test (4 pages)

*NOTE: The independent practice pages only have one word problem per page. This is done on purpose so students focus on using the problem solving process. Quality, not quantity! I limit the number of problems I gives students per day to just a few so students focus on going through all of the steps and checking their work.



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