Reading Review – 3 Week Home Learning Packet for 2nd Grade & 3rd Grade

Reading Review – 3 Week Home Learning Packet for 2nd Grade & 3rd Grade


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⭐️This Reading Review Packet is perfect for assigning as take home work over extended breaks or unexpected absences. Print and go resource contains a collection of material from my best selling resources to give you everything you need to provide students with an effective homework reading activity packet.

⭐️Perfect for assigning during extended breaks. Letter to parents provides engagement for parental guidance with packet material and additional reading activities.

⭐️Includes Certificate of Completion.


✏️Lexile Levels – Each passage contains a certified Lexile measure within the 2nd grade and 3rd grade Common Core Reading Band.

✏️Integrated Color Coding – Color coding strategy encourages students to learn how to find and use text evidence in their answers.

✏️Various Reading Skills – Mix of passages, vocabulary, and other skill based worksheets make this packet perfect for preventing regression over long breaks.

✏️Test Focused Skills – School may be postponed, but testing will most likely happen right on schedule. These passages, worksheets, and activities will keep students sharp

What’s Inside:
1. Letter to Parents

2. Three Week Home Learning Schedule
3. Independent Reading Tic-Tac-Toe Exercises
4. Week 1 Activities:

  • Week 1, Day 1
    • Word Work: Long A
    • Reading Comprehension: French Fries
    • Writing: Narrative Brainstorm
  • Week 1, Day 2
    • Word Work: Affix Sort
    • Reading Comprehension: The Lion and the Mouse
    • Writing: Narrative Planning
  • Week 1, Day 3
    • Word Work: Diagraph Vocab Practice
    • Reading Comprehension: How to Make Pancakes
    • Writing: Narrative Draft
  • Week 1, Day 4 & Day 5
    • Word Work: Alphabetical Order
    • Reading Comprehension: Class Trip & A Day at the Amusement Park
    • Writing: Narrative Book Final Copy

5. Week 2 Activities:

  • Week 2, Day 1
    • Word Work: R-Controlled Vocabulary Practice
    • Reading Comprehension: Kangaroos and Wallabies
    • Writing: Opinion Brainstorm
  • Week 2, Day 2
    • Word Work: Affix Color Code
    • Reading Comprehension: A Doggy Day
    • Writing: Opinion Writing Planning
  • Week 2, Day 3
    • Word Work: R Controlled Vocabulary Practice
    • Reading Comprehension: Lions and Tigers, Oh My!
    • Writing: Opinion Writing Draft
  • Week 2, Day 4 & Day 5
    • Word Work: Dictionary Skills
    • Reading Comprehension: A Treat for Grandmother & Man vs. Child
    • Writing: Opinion Writing Final

6. Week 3 Activities:

  • Week 3, Day 1
    • Word Work: Wr/ Kn Words
    • Reading Comprehension: H-O-N-E-S-T-Y
    • Writing: Explanatory Planning
  • Week 3, Day 2
    • Word Work: Synonym Rolls
    • Reading Comprehension: Humpback Whales
    • Writing: Explanatory Draft
  • Week 3, Day 3
    • Word Work: Digital Thesaurus
    • Reading Comprehension: Missing Emily
    • Writing: Explanatory Final Copy
  • Week 3, Day 4
    • Word Work: Context Clues (2 pages)
    • Reading Comprehension: The Water Cycle
    • Writing: Final Copy
  • Week 3, Day 5
    • Word Work: Antonyms
    • Reading Comprehension: A Jelly Fish
    • Writing: Free Verse Poem

7. Certificate of Completion

Magicore is a Certified Lexile Partner:

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