Thesaurus Skills


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Thesaurus Skills

⭐️This reference materials unit focuses on thesaurus skills. It includes worksheets, foldable activities, scavenger hunts, and task cards to help teach students how to use a book and electronic thesaurus. This resource is geared for 2nd-5th grade.


Table of Contents:

  1. Thesaurus Skills Anchor Chart (Book and Electronic Dictionary)
  2. Parts of a Thesaurus Foldable Activity
  3. Book vs. Digital Foldable Activity
  4. ABC Order (3 pages)
  5. Multiple Synonyms Foldable Activity
  6. Thesaurus Skills: Books (4 pages)
  7. Thesaurus Skills: Electronic (4 pages)
  8. Thesaurus Skills Scavenger Hunt (3 pages)
  9. My Thesaurus (Personal Student Dictionary Template)
  10. Thesaurus Skills Task Cards (20)


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