Nonfiction Interactive Notebook – 2nd Grade

Nonfiction Interactive Notebook – 2nd Grade


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Nonfiction Interactive Notebook – 2nd Grade

⭐️ These interactive journals include activities, anchor charts, passages, and foldable templates. Engage your students while covering each 2nd grade Common Core informational text standards.


Key Features:

✏️ Visuals that help students grasp fiction comprehension strategies.


✏️ Full passages and shorter paragraphs for comprehensive skills practice.


✏️Interactive and foldable activities for students to practice strategies and standards in a hands-on way.


What’s Included?

1. Custom Table of Contents Activity

2. Ask & Answer Questions Journal Pages (RI2.1)

  • Ask & Answer Questions Anchor Chart: Who, What, Where, When, Why, & How
  • Ask & Answer Questions Worksheets
  • Ask & Answer Questions Passage: Johnny Appleseed
  • Ask & Answer Questions Interactive Activity: Foldable Activity

3. Main Topic Journal Pages (RI2.2)

  • Main Idea Anchor Chart
  • Main Idea Worksheets: Topic & Details
  • Main Idea Passage: History of the Teddy Bear
  • Main Idea Interactive Activity: Main Topic Puzzles

4. Connections Journal Pages (RI2.3)

  • Connections – Historical Texts Anchor Chart
  • Connections – Historical Texts Worksheets
  • Connections – Historical Texts Passage: Plimoth Colony
  • Connections – Historical Texts Interactive Activity: Foldable Activity
  • Connections – Scientific Texts Anchor Chart
  • Connections – Scientific Texts Activity: Seasons Venn Diagrams
  • Connections – Scientific Texts Interactive Activity: Short Passage Venn Diagrams
  • Connections – Procedural Texts Anchor Chart
  • Connections – Procedural Texts: Sequential Order Worksheets
  • Connections – Procedural Texts Passage: A Cool Summer Treat
  • Connections – Procedural Texts Interactive Activity: Foldable Activity

5. Context Clues Journal Pages (RI2.4)

  • Context Clues Anchor Chart: Be a Word Detective
  • Context Clues Worksheets
  • Context Clues Passage: All About Pickles
  • Context Clues Interactive Activity: All About Pickles Foldable Activity

6. Nonfiction Text Features Journal Pages (RI2.5)

  • Nonfiction Text Features Anchor Chart: Types of Text Features
  • Nonfiction Text Features Interactive Activity: Text Features Scavenger Hunt

7. Author’s Purpose Journal Pages (RI2.6)

  • Author’s Purpose Anchor Chart: Identify the Author’s Purpose
  • Author’s Purpose Interactive Activity: Author’s Purpose Sort Foldable Activity

8. Nonfiction Text Images Journal Pages (RI2.7)

  • Nonfiction Text Features Interactive Activity: Text Features Scavenger Hunt

9. Reasons Support Points Journal Pages (RI2.8)

  • Reasons Support Points Anchor Chart: Supporting Reasons
  • Reasons Support Points Interactive Activity: Author’s Point & Reasons Foldable Activity
  • Reasons Support Points Short Passage: Games & Toys
  • Reasons Support Points Short Passage: Jim Thorpe

10. Compare & Contrast Points Journal Pages (RI2.9)

  • Compare & Contrast Anchor Chart
  • Compare & Contrast Paragraphs
  • Compare & Contrast Interactive Activities: Cut & Paste Venn Diagrams


*To make these pages fit in a composition notebook shrink size to 80%. Instructions are provided in the sample journal.


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