4th Grade Math GROWING Year Long Bundle – Print and Digital




4th Grade Math GROWING Bundle

⭐ This comprehensive fourth grade math GROWING bundle will cover all 4th grade math standards. Each resource comes with both printable PDF and Google Slides versions for classroom and distance learning flexibility.


⭐ This bundle is perfect for learning and practicing important 4th grade math skills, like multiplication, division, word problems, fractions, measurement, and geometry.


What’s Included:

You can see each included resource and click to view the description for each resource to see what is included. Please note, we will be adding more units as they are ready. You will get all additions FREE of charge, but the price for future customers will increase. There will be 28 more units added, saving you at least $160!


Standards Covered:

  1. 4.OA.A.1 Multiplicative Comparisons
  2. 4.OA.A.2 Multiplicative Comparison Word Problems
  3. 4.OA.A.3 Multistep Word Problems
  4. 4.OA.B.4 Factors, Multiples, and Prime Numbers
  5. 4.OA.C.5 Number Patterns
  6. 4.NBT.A.1 Understanding Place Value
  7. 4.NBT.A.2 Naming and Comparing Numbers
  8. 4.NBT.A.3 Rounding Whole Numbers
  9. 4.NBT.B.4 Add & Subtract Multi-Digit Number
  10. 4.NBT.B.5 Multiplying Multi-Digit Numbers
  11. 4.NBT.B.6 Dividing Multi-Digit Numbers
  12. 4.NF.A.1 Understand & Explain equivalent Fractions Using Visual Models
  13. 4.NF.A.2 Compare Fractions by Creating Common Denominators
  14. 4.NF.B.3 Write fractions greater than one as mixed numbers
  15. 4.NF.B.3. Add Fractions by Joining/Separating Parts
  16. 4.NF.B.3.B Decompose Fractions Into Unit Fractions
  17. 4.NF.B.3.C Add/Subtract Fractions and Mixed Numbers with Like Denominators
  18. 4.NF.B.3.D Solving Word Problems by Adding/Subtracting Mixed Numbers
  19. 4.NF.B.4 Multiply Fractions by Whole Numbers
  20. 4.NF.C.5 Fractions with A Denominator of 10 & 100
  21. 4.NF.C.6 Convert Fractions Into Decimals To The Tenths & Hundredths Place
  22. 4.NF.C.7 Compare 2 Decimals To The Hundredths Place
  23. 4.MD.A.1 Recognize & Convert Common Units of Measurement
  24. 4.MD.A.2 Solving Word Problems to Convert Measurements
  25. 4.MD.A.3 Find Area and Perimeter of Rectangles


Future Additions

  1. 4.NF.B.4.A Represent Fractions as The Sum of Unit Fractions
  2. 4.NF.B.4.B Multiply A Whole Number & A Fraction
  3. 4.NF.B.4.C Solving Word Problems by Multiplying Fractions by Whole Numbers
  4. 4.MD.B.4 Create A Line Plot With Fractions of A Unit
  5. 4.MD.C.5 Understand Concepts of Angle Measurement
  6. 4.MD.C.5.A Discover Angle Measurement By Using Circles
  7. 4.MD.C.5.B Relating One Degree Angle Measures
  8. 4.MD.C.6 Measure Angles To The Nearest Degree with Protractors
  9. 4.MD.C.7 Compose & Decompose Angles
  10. 4.G.A.1 Classify Shapes
  11. 2.G.A.2 Classify two-dimensional figures
  12. 2.G.A.3 Lines of symmetry


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