Rocks and Minerals 1st & 2nd Grade Science Worksheets Activities Experiments

Rocks and Minerals 1st & 2nd Grade Science Worksheets Activities Experiments



Rocks and Minerals – 1st & 2nd Grade

⭐ 1st and 2nd graders will learn about rocks and minerals in this mini science unit that includes worksheets, activities, experiments and investigations, and a quiz!


⭐ Begin the unit with building background knowledge through vocabulary cards, a mini book, and optional video links. Students demonstrate their learning by filling in blanks in their mini book and completing a types of rock flip book. Then, students go on a rock hunt to categorize and sort rocks into different categories. Students will also have the opportunity to complete three investigations that follows the scientific method. They will work with their classmates to build an igneous rock model and a sedimentary rock model. They will also explore how crystals form inside of geodes. Students will complete worksheets to compare and contrast rocks and minerals and complete a rock flow chart. Finally, students will demonstrate their learning in a rocks and minerals quiz.


*Please note: This resource includes suggested links to YouTube videos. These links are not required to use the unit.


What’s Included?

  1. Vocabulary Cards (2 pgs.)
  2. Brainstorm Blocks (1 pg.)
  3. Mini Book ( 10 pgs.)
  4. Flip Book Activity (2 pgs.)
  5. 4 Lab Experiments
  • Rock Hunt (2 pgs.)
  • Igneous Rock Model (2 pgs.)
  • Sedimentary Rock Model (2 pgs.)
  • Exploring Geodes (3 pgs.)

6. Review Activities (2 pgs.)

7. Quiz (1 pg.)


Teachers Just ❤️LOVE❤️ This Resource:

★ Marissa W. said, “My students absolutely LOVED this resource! It was perfect for our rocks and minerals unit. It’s engaging and the students can keep this in their desks to refer to for future activities! Thank you so much!.”


★Vangee said, I used this product and made the booklet to give to my students to introduce rocks to my first graders. They are always so excited to learn about new things and when I added real rocks to go along with the lesson, they loved it! Thanks for such a great product!


★Karen K. said, “Wonderful packet to use with my Montessori lessons on rocks! The children loved it! Thank you! Who would have thought to use a crock pot for the inner earth’s core! The parents even loved the experiments!”


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