Colors: Preschool (2-3 years old)


Total Pages: 54
File Size: 10 MB


Coloring, sorting activities, science, craft, and more to help 2-3 year olds identify colors. Perfect for one-on-one lessons with your child or for small groups in a daycare setting. Also great for special needs children and English language learners.

1. Color Vocabulary Cards (3 pages)
2. Color Identification (12 pages)
3. Color Puzzles (7 pages)
4. My Color Book (4 pages)
5. Animal Sort (3 pages)
6. Crayon Match (13 pages)
7. Marker Match (3 pages)
8. Rainbow Drops Science Experiment (1 page)
9. Rainbow Craft (2 pages)

*Note: Please download the preview to see a list of materials needed for these activities. You will need a color printer. These activities do require some preparation.


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