Digital Resource Upgrade

Digital Resource Upgrade




Did you purchase a PDF resource and want to upgrade to Digital Google Slides versions?

Then this upgrade is for you.


Upon purchase, you will receive a welcome letter with a link to a Google Form. You will need to complete the form so we can facilitate the order. You will then receive a separate email with a copy link that you can use to copy the digital file to your own Google Drive.

Please make sure the Google Slide resource you are trying to upgrade to is available prior to purchase. To qualify for this upgrade, you must have already purchased the corresponding PDF resource.

The cost is for ONE SINGLE upgrade. If you would like to upgrade multiple units, you will need to purchase an upgrade for each unit. You can do this by adjusting the purchase quantity.

Digital Google Slides Resources are available for the following resources:

Ask and Answer Questions – 1st Grade RI.1.1

Main Topic & Details in Nonfiction – 1st Grade RI.1.2

Connections Between Individuals, Events, Ideas, and Information – 1st Gr. RI.1.3

Context Clues in Nonfiction Text – 1st Grade RI.1.4

Nonfiction Text Features – 1st Grade RI.1.5

Information in Words and Images – 1st Grade RI.1.6

Describe Key Ideas with Illustrations & Details – 1st Grade RI.1.7

How Reasons Support Points – 1st Grade RI.1.8

Compare and Contrast Two Texts – 1st Grade RI.1.9

Nonfiction Reading Comprehension – 1st Grade RI.1.10

Ask and Answer Questions in Fiction – 1st Grade RL.1.1

Retell Stories – 1st Grade RL.1.2

Characters, Settings, and Events – 1st Grade RL.1.3

Sensory Words and Feelings – 1st Grade RL.1.4

Compare Fiction and Nonfiction – 1st Grade RL.1.5

Point of View – 1st Grade RL.1.6

Illustrations in Stories – 1st Grade RL.1.7

Compare & Contrast Stories – 1st Grade RL.1.9

Comprehend Stories & Poems – 1st Grade RL1.10

Topic, Main Idea, Details Google Digital Resource (2nd Grade)

Google Slides Ask and Answer Questions RI.2.1 & RI.3.1

Main Idea & Details for Google Slides – 2nd Grade RI.2.2 & 3rd Grade RI.3.2

Google Forms Benchmark Assessments for 2nd Grade Bundle

Making Connections Google Slides Unit – 2nd Grade RI.2.3 & 3rd Grade RI.3.3

Context Clues in Nonfiction – Google Slides – 2nd Grade RI2.4 & 3rd Grade RI3.4

Google Slides Text Features in Websites and Books RI2.5 & RI3.5

Google Slides Author’s Purpose in Nonfiction RI2.6

Google Slides Author’s Viewpoint in Nonfiction RI3.6

Google Slides Nonfiction Text Features: Images RI.2.7 & RI.3.7

Google Slides Author’s Point and Reasons RI2.8

Google Slides Text Structure RI3.8

Google Slides Ask and Answer Questions in Literature – 4th & 5th RL.4.1 / RL.5.1

Google Slides Ask and Answer Questions in Literature – 2nd & 3rd RL.2.1 / RL.3.1

Google Slides Compare & Contrast – 2nd & 3rd RI.2.9 / RI.3.9

Google Slides Tall Tales – 2nd & 3rd RL.2.2 / RL.3.2

Google Slides Comprehend Literature – 2nd & 3rd Grade RL.2.10 – RL.3.10

Google Slides Comprehend Informational Text – 2nd & 3rd – RI.2.10 – RI.3.10

Google Slides Folktales – 2nd & 3rd RL.2.2 / RL.3.2

Google Slides Fables – 2nd & 3rd RL.2.2 / RL.3.2

Google Slides Characters & Challenges – 2nd Grade RL.2.3

Google Slides Characters in Stories – 3rd Grade – RL.3.3

Google Slides Poetry – 2nd Grade RL.2.4

Google Slides Figurative Language – 3rd Grade – RL.3.4

Google Slides Story Structure – 2nd Grade RL.2.5

Google Slides Text Structure – 3rd RL.3.5

Google Slides Point of View – 2nd & 3rd RL.2.6 / RL.3.6

Google Slides Illustrations & Words – 2nd & 3rd RL.2.7 / RL.3.7

Google Slides Compare & Contrast – 2nd RL.2.9

Google Slides Theme – 4th & 5th RL.4.2 / RL.5.2

Google Slides Characters, Setting, and Events in a Drama 4th Grade RL.4.3

Google Slides Compare & Contrast Characters, Settings, & Events 5th Grade RL.5.3

Google Slides Context Clues in Stories – 4th & 5th RL.4.4 / RL.5.4

Google Slides Figurative Language – 4th & 5th RL.4.4 / RL.5.4

Google Slides Literature Structure – 4th & 5th RL.4.5 / RL.5.5

Google Slides Compare Point of View – 4th & 5th RL.4.6 / RL.5.6

Google Slides Connections Between Presentations – 4th & 5th RL.4.7 / RL.5.7

Google Slides Compare & Contrast Themes – 4th Grade RL.4.9

Google Slides Compare Stories in Genres – 5th RL.5.9

Google Slides Comprehend Literature – 4th & 5th RL.4.10 / RL.5.10

Google Slides Inferences in Literature – 4th & 5th RI.4.1 / RI.5.1

Google Slides Main Idea & Details – 4th & 5th RI.4.2 / RI.5.2

Google Slides Historical, Scientific & Technical Text-4th & 5th RI.4.3 / RI.5.3

Google Slides Context Clues in Nonfiction – 4th & 5th RI.4.4 / RI.5.4

Google Slides Reasons & Evidence Support Points – 4th & 5th RI.4.8 / RI.5.8

Google Slides Integrate Information: Multiple Texts – 4th & 5th RI.4.9 / RI.5.9

Google Slides Comprehending Informational Text – 4th & 5th RI.4.10 / RI.5.10

Google Slides Text Structure in Nonfiction – 4th RI.4.5

Google Slides Nonfiction Text Features – 4th RI.4.7

Google Slides Compare & Contrast – 4th RI.4.6

Google Slides Compare & Contrast – 5th RI.5.5

Google Slides Compare & Contrast Topics: Different Points of View – 5th RI.5.6

Google Slides Information from Multiple Sources – 5th RI.5.7

Making Inferences – 6th Grade Reading Comprehension Passages RI.6.1

Central Idea – 6th Grade RI.6.2

Key Individuals Events and Ideas – 6th Grade RI.6.3

Context Clues – Figurative, Connotative, Technical Meanings – 6th Grade RI.6.4

Text Structure – 6th Grade RI.6.5

Author’s Purpose & Author’s Point of View – 6th Grade RI.6.6

Integrate Information from Multiple Sources – 6th Grade RI.6.7

Evaluate Arguments and Claims – 6th Grade RI.6.8

Compare & Contrast Author Presentation – 6th Grade RI.6.9


NOTE that your purchase MUST BE MANUALLY VERIFIED. We will verify as quickly as possible, but please allow up to 48 hours for processing.


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