Narrative Writing Bundle – 4th & 5th Grade Narratives, Passages & Prompts

Narrative Writing Bundle – 4th & 5th Grade Narratives, Passages & Prompts




4th & 5th Grade Narrative Writing Bundle

⭐ This writing bundle includes everything your 4th and 5th graders need to master narrative writing. Printable PDF & Digital Google Slides versions make this resource perfect for classroom and distance learning. Aligned to CCSS W.4.3 & W.5.3, this bundle contains my Interactive Writing Notebook and my Lexile leveled Narrative Passages and Prompts resources.


⭐ If you do not use Common Core, this resource is still perfect for teaching and practicing 4th & 5th grade narrative writing skills.


⭐The interactive notebook is perfect for teaching mini-lessons and having students write their own narratives. The Passages and Prompts are great for preparing your students for state standardized tests.


Key Features:

✏️Anchor Charts: Each step in the writing process has its own anchor chart.


✏️Graphic Organizers: Organizers are perfect for helping students plan and draft their writing.


✏️ Mini Rubrics: Students can use these as a self-assessment throughout the entire writing process.


✏️ Stationary and Printable Books: Make this resource fun, engaging, and educational.


✏️ Lexile Leveled Passages: Writing prompts are professionally Lexile leveled and fall within the 4th & 5th grade text complexity band to ensure consistency and grade level rigor.


✏️ Flexible Formats: Printable and digital versions are perfect for in-person and remote learning. Google Slides version is compatible with Google Classroom and can be downloaded in PowerPoint to integrate with Microsoft Teams.


What’s Included:

Narrative Writing Passages & Prompts with Google Slides Distance Learning

  1. Michael and the Bully: 740L
  2. Grandma’s Great Escape: 900L
  3. The Jewelry Box: 890L
  4. Trouble on Planet RB-412: 900L
  5. The Disappearing Act: 960L
  6. Narrative Writing Rubric


Narrative Writing Unit with Google Slides Distance Learning 4th & 5th Grade

  1. Narrative Writing Cover Page
  2. Lesson #1: What are Narrative Stories?
  3. Lesson #2: Brainstorming
  4. Lesson #3: Planning
  5. Lesson #4: Narrator and Main Character
  6. Lesson #5: Setting
  7. Lesson #6: Narrative Hooks
  8. Lesson #7: Writing a Rough Draft
  9. Lesson #8: Conclusion
  10. Lesson #9: Transitional Words and Phrases
  11. Lesson #10: Sprinkling in Dialogue
  12. Lesson #11: Show Don’t Tell
  13. Lesson #12: Revising & Editing
  14. Lesson #13: Writing a Polished Piece
  15. Flipbook Writing Templates
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Resources Included with 4th & 5th Grade Narrative Writing Bundle

Narrative Writing Unit – 4th & 5th Grade

Narrative Writing Passages and Prompts – 4th and 5th Grade


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