6 Ways ClassTag will Make Your Life Easier

Advantages to Using ClassTag as Your Parent-Teacher Communication App

My kids have been in daycare for several years now, which means I’ve used a lot of different parent-teacher communication apps. I was lucky enough to be contacted recently by a company called ClassTag who asked me to consider partnering with them. After exploring the app, I was excited to support ClassTag and their mission. This app HAS IT ALL! I really wish it was available when I was in the classroom, and I’m excited to be able to share it with you.


Six Ways ClassTag will Make Your Life Easier

1. It Costs Nothing

First and foremost, ClassTag is FREE! There is no cost to teachers, parents, or administrators. Image of a woman holding a cell phone showing free school supplies on the ClassTag Parent-Teacher app.

2. Earn Free Classroom Supplies

Not only is it free, but you can earn classroom supplies for FREE just by using the app! When you use the app, you will earn coins that you can cash in with the app’s sponsors. Previously available rewards include items like TpT Gift Cards, Erin Condren gift cards, games, school supplies, and more!

3. Keep Parent-Teacher Communication Open & Positive

ClassTag focuses on positive parent-teacher communication. Teachers are busy and can get caught up. Sometimes, we fall into the trap of making phone calls and scheduling conferences when there is a problem. ClassTag can save time and effort because it can help prevent you from falling into this trap! With the hit of a button, you can regularly send messages and photos to individual parents, or blast out group messages and newsletters. This keeps communication lines open and positive. Parents receive your updates in real-time, and you receive parent messages in real-time! No more hoping students bring home those important announcements or parent notes!

4. Get What You Need, When You Need It

You can manage volunteer sign-ups, parent conferences, and donation requests all in one place. No need to make separate calls for every conference. No more sign-up sheets on your door. Parents will finally know exactly what you need for the classroom, so they can help!

5. Organization!

Stay organized by keeping messages, photos, and class events in one place. This will save you tons of time. You can even send out weekly newsletters automatically. All parent communication records are in one spot! Now more remembering to log every note, call, or email, because everything is tracked in the app! Image of a woman's hand holding a cell phone with the ClassTag App open to the Parent-Teacher communication page

6. Break Down Communication Barriers

Reach ALL parents. ClassTag even has an automatic translation into 50+ languages. Parents can choose how they want to receive messages: through email, text, or the app.

Are you Ready?

Are you ready to transform your relationship with students’ parents while receiving FREE Classroom Supplies along the way?

If you want to learn more about how ClassTag can improve your parent communication, check them out here.

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