How to Use Reading Digital Mini Lessons

I created reading digital mini lessons for teachers who are always scrambling to find the materials they need in so many places. I thought, “What if teachers could have everything they need in ONE place with clear instructions broken down for each day?” Between the read alouds, question prep, anchor charts, student guided practice, and everything else, mini lessons took me so much time to prepare as a teacher. That is why I created digital mini lessons – so you can have everything you need in one place. On top of being a huge time saver, these resources are really effective. In this post, I’ll cover how to use reading digital mini lessons.

How to Use Reading Digital Mini Lessons

The best way to use these digital mini lessons is as your introductory lesson each day of the week. I recommend you spend the first 10-15 minutes of each lesson walking through these mini lessons. Then, resume your small groups, centers, and independent work time. Don’t forget to always review at the end of your lesson! I like to have my students come to the meeting place and share what they worked on and then do a quick review of the anchor chart.

Where to Find the Right Mini Lessons?

I have a reading digital mini lesson for every reading standard grades 1st-5th. My reading digital mini lessons include five days of instruction and activities. Each lesson includes:

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  1. Anchor chart/s to introduce the skill: This anchor chart often coincides with the anchor charts in my Core Comprehension Passages, in case you are using these, as well. Anchor charts are colorful and interactive so you can review the skill while using the movable pieces to engage your students. 
  2. Introductory Video: These are custom animated videos that introduce each skill in an engaging way to reinforce the concepts in the anchor chart.
  3. Interactive Modeling: Interactive graphic organizers for you to model the concept of the skill with your students.
  4. Mentor Text Read Alouds: Links to full read alouds selected carefully to fit the skill and incorporate diversity. Some skills use one read aloud throughout the week, while others incorporate multiple read alouds.
  5. Interactive Graphic Organizer: Work with your students to practice the concept of the skill using the mentor text.
  6. Exit Slip: Day five includes a short exit slip for teachers to check for student understanding. This can be used for an informal assessment.

To see a video walkthrough of my digital mini lessons, check out this video!

I also have Digital Mini Lessons for all of the second grade math standards!

I hope this summary helps you get the best out of digital mini lessons in your classroom.

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