Tips for Teaching How to Read and Write Numbers to 100

Read and write numbers to 100 is a skill that sounds so simple but can actually be a touch challenging for students. Such a sneaky, sneaky standard. Students are expected to read numbers in standard form, word form, and expanded form while writing numbers in standard and expanded form up to 100. What’s the tricky part you ask? *insert drum roll…..* Reading numbers in word form at this age level can be a bit tricky for students. This calls for lots of practice and activities. This, however, is just one skill embedded in this standard (Florida B.E.S.T. MA.1.NSO.1.2.) So let’s talk about the sequence of events. Did you like that reading humor that I just snuck in there? Okay seriously, to be successful with this standard, students should first be able to orally count up to 100 by both ones and tens. From there, students should be able to write numbers in tens and ones up to 20. Students move into writing larger numbers in tens and ones, which leads to learning how to read and write numbers in expanded form.

So now that we’ve made it through the sequence of events *brushes shoulders off while making reading references during a math blog*, let’s talk about how to teach said sequence of events.

1. Use Music to Teach How to Read and Write Numbers to 100

Music is a great way to teach any skill and reading and writing numbers is no exception. The rhythms, repetition, and lyrics are great for students to start to learn numbers in sequential order. Use music for one skill or all of the skills (hint, use it in all skills 🎶) and students will be reading numbers in no time!

Music and media will help retain concepts and vocabulary for teaching reading and writing numbers to 100 MA.1.NSO.1.2.
Music and media will help students retain concepts and vocabulary.

2. Use Math Tools to Teach How to Read and Write Numbers to 100

Use a hundreds chart and a place value chart to discuss patterns in the chart and review prerequisite skills, such as counting by tens and showing expanded form in place value blocks.

3. Create a Read and Write Numbers to 100 Mini Book

A mini book is a great, interactive tool that can be used multiple days in a row. Mini books are great for guided practice and a quick review. Students can flip back and review work that has already been done. Students also love these because it gives them an opportunity to take ownership of their very own book.

A mini book is a great way to teach reading and writing numbers to 100 Florida B.E.S.T. MA.1.NSO.1.2.
A mini book is a great way to review key concepts and vocabulary!

4. A LOT of Practice with Word Form

Remember the trickiest part of this standard? Reading numbers in word form up to 100(Florida B.E.S.T. MA.1.NSO.1.2.). Generally, students at this age level aren’t fluent readers yet, so they need lots of exposure to the word form of numbers. Do this by using anchor charts, sorting activities, or maybe even perhaps a number word form word wall.

Repetition, repetition, and more repetition is what students need to master some concepts such as reading numbers in word form.

5. Play Games

We all know that kids love games. Even your not-so-competitive personalities love a good, engaging game. A game keeps kids on track and engaged. So that’s an automatic win without a ton of effort on the teacher’s part! Fingers crossed that your administrator comes in during a game day to catch all of the fun and learning.

Games are a great way to teach reading and writing numbers to 100 Florida B.E.S.T. MA.1.NSO.1.2.
Games and centers are a great way to practice a skill!

Ok, time to go print off those number word cards and practice reading some numbers. Maybe we’re doing more than just referencing reading in math after all. 😄

You can check out my first grade unit for reading and writing numbers to 100 here. This unit aligns to Florida B.E.S.T. MA.1.NSO.1.2

Looking for more tips for building number sense? Check out this blog on How to Help Students Build Number Sense.

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