2nd Grade Math Common Core Foldable Activities




27 Math interactive journal activities aligned to all second grade Common Core math standards.

Table of Contents
Operations & Algebraic Thinking
2.OA.A.1- Addition and Subtraction Word Problems (2 pgs.)
2.OA.B.2- Fluently add and subtract within 20 ( 1 pg.)
2.OA.C.3- Odd or Even (2 pgs.)
2.OA.C.4- Rectangular Arrays (2 pgs.)

Numbers & Operations in Base Ten
2.NBT.A.1- Hundreds, Tens, and Ones (2 pgs.)
2.NBT.A.2- Count within 1,000 (2 pgs.)
2,NBT.A.3- Read and write numbers to 1,00 (2 pgs.)
2.NBT.A.4- Less Than, Greater Than, Equal To (2 pgs.)
2.NBT.B.5- Fluently add and subtract within 100 (2 pgs.)
2.NBT.B.6- Add up to four two-digit numbers (2 pgs.)
2.NBT.B.7- Add and subtract within 1,000 (3 pgs.)
2.NBT.B.8- Mentally add or subtract 10 and 100 (2 pgs.)
2..NBT.B.9- Explain why addition and subtraction work (2 pgs.)

Measurement & Data
2.MD.A.1- Measure Length by selecting appropriate tools (2 pgs.)
2.MD.A.2- Measure object with two different units (2 pgs.)
2.MD.A.3-Estimate Lengths (2 pgs.)
2.MD.A.4- Compare Lengths (2 pgs.)
2.MD.B.5- Solve word problems with lengths (2 pgs.)
2.MD.B.6- Represent whole numbers as lengths on a number line (1 pg.)
2.MD.C.7- Tell and write time to the nearest 5 minutes (2 pgs.)
2.MD. C.8- Solve word problems with money (2 pgs.)
2.MD.D.9- Show measurement data on a line plot (2 pgs.)
2.MD.D.10- Picture and Bar Graphs (2 pgs.)

Geometry & Fractions
2.GA.1- Recognize and draw shapes with specified attributes (2 pgs.)
2.GA.2- Partition a rectangle into rows and columns (2 pgs.)
2.GA.3- Partition circles and rectangles into equal shares (2 pgs.)

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