Partitioning Rectangles 2nd Grade – 2.GA.2 Google Slides Distance Learning Pack


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Partitioning Rectangles 2nd Grade – 2.GA.2

⭐These no prep worksheets and activities for 2nd grade geometry covering partitioning rectangles 2.G.A.2 & 2.OA.C.4 skills come in both printable PDF and Google Slides versions for easy distance learning. Worksheets, activities, and assessments that help students learn to partition rectangles and master repeated addition with arrays. This resource uses food topics to increase engagement.
⭐️If you do not use Common Core, this packet is still perfect for teaching 2nd grade partitioning rectangles skills.
What’s Included:
  1. Vocabulary cards- 1 pg.
  2. How Many In All?- 3 pgs.
  3. Chocolate Bar Math- 5 pgs.
  4. Cupcake Counting- 2 pgs.
  5. Cookie Counting- 2 pgs.
  6. Donut Boxes- 2 pgs.
  7. Pizza Parlor- 2 pgs.
  8. Brownie Baker- 1 pg.
  9. Quiz- 1 pg.


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