Partitioning Rectangles Rows & Columns 2nd Grade Geometry Array Activity 2.GA.2

Partitioning Rectangles Rows & Columns 2nd Grade Geometry Array Activity 2.GA.2



Partitioning Rectangles 2nd Grade – 2.GA.2

⭐️This complete math unit with worksheets teaches 2nd grade students how to partition rectangles by breaking the use of columns and rows, as well as how to create addition equations with arrays to find the total number of shares. With this complete and comprehensive Partitioning Rectangles Unit, students will master partitioning with targeted worksheets, an engaging mini-book, hands-on engaging partitioning activities with chocolate, and detailed a anchor chart! The original song and video are a great resource to get students moving and excited about learning partitioning and how it relates to fractions. With 7 complete days worth of lesson plans, this partitioning rectangles unit also features a low-prep center activity that can be utilized throughout the entire year. Everything you need to understand, teach, and engage students is included in this complete unit long set.


⭐️Includes components in both Google Slides and Printable PDF. With this unit, students with develop, practice, reinforce, and review their understanding of partitioning rectangles and master repeated addition with arrays.


⭐This unit is aligned to common core standards 2.GA.1, 2.G.A.2, & 2.OA.C.4. If you do not use Common Core, this packet is still perfect for teaching 2nd grade partitioning skills

What’s Included:

  1. Pedagogy
  2. 7 Days Worth of Detailed Lesson Plans
  3. Vocabulary
  4. Original Fractions Song and Video
  5. Partitioning Anchor Chart explaining Arrays
  6. How Many in All? Worksheet
  7. Model Day 2 Sharing
  8. Chocolate Bar Math Engaging Group Activity
  9. Chocolate Bar Math Worksheet
  10. Model Day 3
  11. Bagel Cards Activity
  12. Partition Your Class Activity Guide
  13. Cupcake Counting Worksheet
  14. Cookie Counting Worksheet
  15. Donut Boxes Worksheet
  16. Cupcake Baker Worksheet
  17. Cookie Baker Worksheet
  18. Donut Packer Worksheet
  19. Pizza Parlor Worksheet
  20. Brownie Bakery Worksheet
  21. Partitioning Rectangle Scoot Center and Activity
  22. Partitioning Rectangle Quiz

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