Reading Graphic Organizers – Fiction and Nonfiction – 2nd Grade

Reading Graphic Organizers – Fiction and Nonfiction – 2nd Grade



⭐️44 Pages of reading graphic organizers that match each 2nd grade common core reading standard.


Fiction Graphic Organizers

RL.2.1- Ask and answer Questions (2 pages)

RL.2.2- Recount stories including fables and folktales (2 pages)

RL.2.3- How characters respond to challenge (1 page)

RL.2.4- Words, Phrases, Poetic Language (2 pages)

R.L2.5- Story Structure (5 pages)

RL.2.6- Point of View (1 page)

RL.2.7- Characters, Setting, Plot (3 pages)

RL.2.9- Compare/ Contrast 2 versions of the same story (3 pages)


Nonfiction Graphic Organizers

RI.2.1- Ask and answer questions (2 pages)

R.I.2.2- Main Idea (4 pages)

RI.2.3- Connections between historical and scientific ideas (3 pages)

RI.2.4- Context Clues (1 page)

RI.2.5- Text Features (4 pages)

RI.2.6- Author’s Purpose and Point of View (2 pages)

RI.2.7- How Images Clarify Text (1 page)

RI.2.8- How Reasons Support Text (2 pages)

RI.2.9- Compare and Contrast 2 Texts on the Same Topic (1 page


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