Legends Paired Passages and Comics


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⭐️ Paired fictional comics and nonfiction articles about legends. This resource specifically targets a variety of 4th and 5th grade reading comprehension skills and standards.

⭐️ This resource aligns with any state-specific or Common Core standards.


✏️Highly Engaging: Contains custom comics about each legend written from a modern perspective. Integrates characters and plots kids will be entertained by and relate to.

✏️Skill Focused: Targets a wide range of comprehension skills and standards. Perfect as review or a center.

✏️Lexile Levels: All passages include certified Lexile levels, so you can ensure your students are working with grade-appropriate and rigorous texts similar to what they will encounter on state tests.

What’s Included:

  1. Legends Anchor Chart
  2. Trouble in the Woods Comic
  3. The Legend of Bigfoot- 920L
  4. Murky Waters Comic
  5. The Legend of the Lake Monster- 950L
  6. Out of This World Comic
  7. What Really Happened in Roswell?- 880L
  8. Shining Secret Comic
  9. The Search for El Dorado- 870L
  10. Thin Ice Comic
  11. The Legend of Yeti- 950L
  12. Unknown Caller Comic
  13. The Legend of Mothman- 790L
  14. The Chupacabra: A Modern Legend- 840L
  15. Create Your Own Comic


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