Digital Interactive Reading Skills Google Slides Distance Learning 4th 5th Grade


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⭐️This Google Slides pack for distance learning covers all major skills and standards for 4th grade & 5th grade. Interactive medium features videos, read alouds, moveable pieces, and editable text boxes.

⭐️Includes both fiction and nonfiction skills practice. Integrates some of my favorite texts from my popular Core Comprehension™ Series.

⭐️Engaging exercises include sorting pictures, book covers, images, statements, and other text, fill in the blank, writing exercises, puzzles, and more. Engaging content including audio and video read alouds help students stay engaged during distance learning.

What’s Included?

  1. Types of Questions
  2. Characters
  3. Setting
  4. Events
  5. Text Structure: Literature
  6. Theme
  7. Point of View
  8. Connections Between Text & Presentations
  9. Compare & Contrast Stories
  10. Comprehending Literature
  11. Figurative Language
  12. Context Clues
  13. Main Idea & Details
  14. Historical, Scientific, Technical Texts
  15. Text Structure
  16. Compare & Contrast Accounts
  17. Text Features
  18. Reason & Evidence
  19. Integrate Information


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