How to Deal With Anger – Anger Management Strategies for Kids



How to Deal With Anger – Anger Management Strategies for Kids

⭐️These resources help students deal with anger and learn how to calm down with anger management strategies. Contains activities, coloring pages, writing pages, choice cards, and more!


Key Features:

✏️My Anger Temperature Chart – By measuring their own emotional intensity, students learn to identify when they are angry so they can implement calming strategies.


✏️Calm Down Choice Cards – Provides students with a variety of options for coping with anger and other heightened emotions. Students learn to choose and implement healthy coping mechanisms by reviewing these cards.


✏️Calm Down Breathing Activities – These breathing and counting activities help students calm down and reengage rational thinking. Activities can be laminated for reoccurring use.


✏️Steps to Calm Down Book & Puzzle – Activity with step by step coping strategy that provides a soothing activity while also teaching students key steps to calm down.


✏️Yoga Poses Poster – Perfect for calm down corners, this poster contains easy yoga poses that promote breathing and help ease student frustration.


✏️My Calm Down Book – Drawing, coloring, and writing activities that help students understand their emotions and explore healthy coping mechanisms.


✏️Anger Pledge – Students commit to taking responsibility for managing their anger. Sets simple expectations and underpins class-wide behavior accountability.


Teachers & Students ❤️LOVE❤️ This Resource:

★ Jennifer W said, “Love using this resource with students as they are working through anger times.


★ Kimberly V. said, “This is a great resource when working with younger children. It is clear, engaging and fun.


★ Ashley O. said, “This is an amazing resource and has worked wonders with my students!


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