At Home Science Experiments – Google Slide & PDF Versions for Distance Learning


⭐️These engaging and educational science experiments can be completed with everyday materials that most people already have at home. Digital Google Slide format is easily compatible with Google Classroom.

⭐️Includes a note to parents that explains the experiments and offers tips to help make the activities easy.

⭐️Worksheets help students stay engaged by completing activities before and after each experiment.

What’s Included?
1. Who are Scientists?
2. Scientists Observe
3. Brainstorm
4. Experiment Explanations for Parents
5. Color Swirl
6. Chemistry in a Bag
7. Molding Milk
8. Delicious Crystals
9. Glitter Explosion
10. Invisible Ink
11. Homemade Butter
12. Bouncy Balls
13. Tornado in a Bottle
14. Solar Oven

Using Google Classroom:
If you need help using Google Classroom for this or any resource, check out my Google Classroom FAQ for Elementary Teachers.
If your students’ parents need a hand with Google Classroom – I got you covered! Check out How to Use Google Classroom for Parents.


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