Dinosaurs Before Dark Novel Study Reading Comprehension

Dinosaurs Before Dark Novel Study Reading Comprehension


Dinosaurs Before Dark Novel Study Reading Comprehension

⭐️Dinosaurs Before Dark novel study is a complete reading comprehension guide that breaks this book into sections to build background, answer comprehension questions, understand vocabulary, analyze characters and plot, and make connections.


⭐️Print and Google Slides! Google slides version integrates links and videos to build background and make connections. This easy-to-use format is paperless! A print version is available in eye-catching color or black line. The print version is set up to be an individual journal to track students’ progress as they read each chapter of the book.


⭐️Integrates a variety of reading and critical thinking skills. Broken down so students can complete this novel study independently, in small groups or literature circles, or as a whole class activity.



✏️Low Prep – Print and go or assign in Google Classroom, this resource is easy to use because there is virtually zero prep needed!


✏️Google Slides Format – This interactive format is perfect for classroom and distance learning. Slides are interactive and can be used as a fun and engaging exercise within the classroom or remotely.


✏️Printable- Choose color or blackline versions so each student has a personal copy of their journal.


✏️Reading Comprehension – Integrates key reading comprehension skills, character analysis, and understanding of the plot.


✏️Vocabulary – Direct focus of key tier two vocabulary words for each chapter.


✏️Assessments – Incorporates a short assessment for each chapter.


What’s Included?

This Novel Guide is designed to elevate your novel study in an engaging way for students. Students will work on their Novel Guide Notebook while reading the assigned novel. This novel guide can be used in multiple ways: independent work, partner work, small group work, or even summer reading.


This novel guide was created for the novel Dinosaurs Before Dark and is divided into SIX sections:

  1. GETTING STARTED: pre-reading activities
  2. READING SECTION 1: during reading activities – chapters 1 & 2
  3. READING SECTION 2: during reading activities – chapters 3 & 4
  4. READING SECTION 3: during reading activities – chapters 5 & 6
  5. READING SECTION 4: during reading activities – chapters 7 & 8
  6. FINISHING UP: after-reading activities – chapters 9 & 10

Answer Key Included


This resource is suitable for any students who can read Dinosaurs Before Dark by Mary Pope Osborne.


Copyright & Terms of Use

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